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Find out more about Lotro Draigoch

  The latest Dev Diary describes the largest creature in the Lord of the Rings Online – known as Draigoch, the new boss in the Rise of Isengard 12/24 raid. Unlike the other creatures, Draigoch is really powerful and players … Continue reading

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Draigoch Guide and Video

  Draigoh is a new boss raid that will make its appearance in the Rise of Isengard expansion. If you want to try this raid out in beta there is a guide written by lotro.com forum member Azahran, member of … Continue reading

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Lotro Rise of Isengard: The Visual Tour

The Lotro Rise of Isengard NDA is lifted and new screenshots pop up like mushrooms after a rain: new Draigoch screenshots, shiny new clothes, Isengard surface, Isengard Depths, Inside Orthanc and much more     [source]

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New Lotro Concept Art: Draigoch Boss

The new concept art Draigoch, from the upcoming expansion The Lord of the Rings Online: Rise of Isengard, is the giant dragon boss in the new 24-player raid. Draigoch is one of the most powerful creatures in Middle-earth thus the … Continue reading

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