Book 4 - Chasing Shadows - Walkthrough

by Silriel

Book 4: Epic Quests

[37] Foreword: The Troubles of Rivendell

At level 35 you can take a quest from Aragorn in Rivendell and begin Book Four. He will send you to speak with Elrond in the library of Rivendell on the second floor.

Reward: 8s 12c

[37] Chapter 1: Where is the Horse and the Rider?

Servants of the Enemy pursued Frodo Baggins to the Bruinen, and though the hobbit and his friends were saved and the fell creatures defeated by the power of Elrond, not all of the Nazgûl have been accounted for.

Elrond is concerned about the presence of the ninth Black Rider in the Trollshaws. He will send you to seek out Elrondâs son Elladan at his camp in Trollshaws called Thorenhad. This encampment is located near the center of Trollshaws.

Reward: 20s 30c
Experience ~2000xp

[38] Chapter 2: The Missing Rider

Elladan travelled far afield, into lands to the south, and still found no sign of the fleeing Rider. On his return journey he did find something: hoofprints in the South Trollshaws, far south of the road. Journey far south of the road in the South Trollshaws, and seek out the missing Rider. The ruins within those narrow channels have a fell reputation.

Go to the south part of Trollshaws and investigate near Minas Agor. You'll soon come to the Troll area - Curr-Olog Scourge, 34-35 level Elite, Curr-Olog Hunters, 34 level Elite, and Corcur Archers, normal 36 level mobs.

Pass through stone entryway on the left (36.4s, 18.5w) and you will see the horse lying on the ground not far away. You will have to fight with some regular Corcur Blood-Sworn mobs. Touch the horse and your quest will update to remove the bridle from the black horse's corpse. Then, go back to Elladan.
Even this is a fellowship quest, you don't need a full group if you are around level 40. Beleglin (Minstrel 38 level) and me (Champion 40 level) did it alone, with no problem at all.

Rewards: 20s 65c,
Selectable Items

Experience: ~ 5000xp

[38] Chapter 3: The Wisdom of Lord Glorfindel

Elladan will ask you to return to Rivendell and to consult with Lord Glorfindel at Rivendell Valley, who is located near the Last Homely House on a hill close to the water. Glorfindel at Rivendell Valley will give you Elf Stone that you have to use at The Ford of Bruinen.
After usimg Elf stone bring it to Glorfindel and finish this chapter.

[38] Chapter 4: Regaining the Trail

Lord Glorfindel will give you a beryl which glows when it is brought into places where great evil has left its mark and send you back to Elladan at Thorenhad.

[40] Chapter 5: Hiding In The Dark

Elladan has determined that the missing Rider may be hiding in one of the many caves that dot the crags of the Trollshaws and wants you to search 3 of them with Glorfindel's beryl (32.1S, 13.4 W); (29.5S, 20.3W); (29.3S, 18.5W). Each cave is filled with trolls elite 39-41 level (~7.700 hp) so you will need a fellowship because they respawn very quickly. You will need to go to the deepest part of each cave and use the Elf stone in each of them. Once you have inspected all caves with the Elf stone return to Elladan and speak with him.

Reward: Selectable Items

[41] Chapter 6: The Knowledge of the Onodrim

When you finish chapter 5 and return to Elladan he will send you to his scouts named Barachen. Barachen is at his camp south of the Great East Road that runs through the South Trollshaws.

Barachen will tell you the Onodrim was seen in the southeast section of Trollshaw in the Giants valley, south of the High Moor. Once you enter the Giants valley you will have to kill few wood-trolls Elite 40-42 level, to reach the Onodrim Elite 41 (~7000 hp). Next to Onodrim, you will see two trolls, Curr-olog Heaver, Elite 41-42 level. One of them is roaming and you should kill him before you attack Onodrim. This fight with Onodrim is not very hard. He will summon 5-6 Summoned Root but you will defeat them quickly. When you finish return to Elladan.

Reward: 21s 70c

[41] Chapter 7: The Aid of Mirkwood

Elladan is greatly concerned about the evil that seems to grow from deep within the Trollshaws and knows that you cannot face it alone.
He will send you to speak with his father Elrond at Elrond's Library in Rivendell. Master Elrond has told you of an Elf-prince named Legolas, currently staying in Imladris for a time. He hails from Mirkwood and may have some knowledge of the creature you faced in the Trollshaws. You can find Legolas at the Haven of Orladion, just outside the House of Elrond.

[42] Chapter 8: The Unmarked Trail

Legolas is waiting for you inside the instance and you will have to accompany him. The mobs are triggered by Legolas so you will need him all the way through, and if he dies you will have to start all over. Minstrel must heal him a lot especially at the end of the instance. Enemies will come in the many waves.

The first mobs you are fighting with are Fierce Wood Troll Elite 41-42 (~7300 hp), and Corrupted Undergrowth, Normal 40 level (~1500 hp). The next are Corrupted Fen-crawler Normal 40-41 level (~1500 hp) with Corrupted Fen-binder Elite 41-42 level (~6900 hp). As you continue, new mobs will appear Blood-ash Sentinel Elite 41 (~7000 hp) with Corrupted undergrowth Normal.

Once you reach the hill, you will see the first boss Caller of the Bog Elite 41 level (26,756 hp). During this battle he will summons few Corrupted Undergrowths Normal 40 levele(~1500 hp). The best tactics is to send tank on boss while the other members should deal with summoned creatures quickly. Once he is down speak with Legolas to continue.

After few more Fierce Wood Trolls and Blood-ash Sentinels you will see Nazgul consulting with Wood Trolls. One of them is the final boss Taushakh Elite 42 level (32,751 hp). Nazgul will disappear and you will have to deal with the boss and 2 adds - Terrible Wood-troll Elite 42 level (~7370 hp). This boss hits much stronger than the first one. You should kill adds as fast as possible, because the boss will summon Summoned roots as well. You can leave Legolas to fight with the boss while you kill the adds, but you have to heal Legolas all the time. This battle will last very long, and you will probably stay out of power, so if you have a chance to start fellowship combos you should choose these with power regeneration. The main trick is that final boss heals himself when you bring his moral down to 2500 hp.

When you have defeated Taushakh speak with Legolas and return to Rivendell and collect your reward.

Experience: ~ 5600xp
Rewards 25s 28c
Selectable Items

[42] Chapter 9: Hasten Their Departure

When you exit the instance, speak with Legolas, who has been dismayed by the events in the lair of the Wood-trolls and thinks Elrond should be told of them at once. Speak to Master Elrond inside the Last Homely House. This will complete Book 4 and get you start at Book 5.

Rewards: 8s 82c

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