Free Lotro Turbine points – How to collect them easily

When Turbine announced that the Lone-lands quest pack is free to all players, Lotro players who spent Turbine points on LL were very disappointed. So, we have decided to make a small guide and help them to reclaim some Turbine points in the way that they were maybe not aware of.

  1. When you start the Turbine Launcher unchecked the option "Enter last played world "
  2. Create a new character on any server
  3. On the Panel - Select a Race choose - MAN
  4. Checked the box to skip new user tutorial
  5. Go to Hunters Lodge location (you can find it on the map - M button)
  6. Take the quest "A little extra never hurts" from the NPC Jon Brackenbrook (inside the Hunters Lodge)
  7. Finish the quest and as a reward you will get 10 Turbine Points
  8. Decline the next quest
  9. You need less than 5 minutes to do these steps.

You can repeat these steps on every server, but you can take and complete this quest only once on each server. Turbine points are connected to your account not to the character.

If you have any other Tip or Trick please let us know.

Additional tips:

  1. How to collect Turbine points in Bree Land
  2. How to collect Turbine points in Ered Luin
  3. Hidden Boar Slayer deed: you have to kill a boar in 7 zones for 50 TP, works on every character - Sui Generis
  4. Subscribe for one month. While this may not seem logical for a F2P player, it has tones of advantages. First, you get 500TP back. After that, you will have all your traits, bags, virtues unlocked. Also, you can learn the riding skill for free, no need to spend TP on that either. Go to every zone in Eregion and kill at least one mob that gives a new deed. After the VIP ends, you can still finish those deeds and get lots of TP for them. On your own time. VIP also removes the gold gap. You will save about 3000 TP on each character this way, so get it when you have a few alts. After VIP ends, you will keep these advantages. - Sui Generis
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