Nornuan Raid Instance Filikul Guide

Nornuan Raid Guide - Instance Filikul

The new 12-man raid
, Instance Filikul, as Turbine has announced, will take teamwork and strategy with eleven of your friends to defeat the corrupt creature within known as Nornuan. This giant Turtle has 688k morale and no adds at all.

The Turtle doesnât cause any dread, fear or disease. The raid boss, Nornuan, hits with an unremovable raid-wide Acid DoT that stacks over time and another DoT that is applied individually. The individual DoT is a bleed out and the trick is if it stays for more than 30 seconds it does more damage over time and the duration refreshes. The DoT on the tank will fall off if you go the duration without getting hit again.

The key is to bounce aggro + dps fast from one tank to another so the DoT will not get to the point where the damage cannot be healed. If you do this multiple times throughout the fight then healing the tank isn't a problem. Gushing Wound is applied to the raid throughout the fight. Gushing Wound wounds for 80/160/240/320 etc Acid damage every 3 seconds and is only removed/reset by dying and rezzing. Profuse Wound goes for 50/500/750/1000/2000/3000 and resets to 250 if the 50 second counter runs out. As always, you need healers, champions or guardians, also Loremaster for power.

The loot is pretty nice: First Age weapons, radiance gear coins, Nornuan's head trophy, Nanu's hiding place. It's a pet turtle that walks around in your yard.

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We would like to thank:

Reyph, for Nanu's hiding place screenshot, Angelcake, greedo80 and Hellfanger.

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