The Great Barrow Walkthrough

The Great Barrow Walkthrough

by Silriel

Purging the Dead
Quest level 22 Fellowship,
NPC - Chief Watcher Grimbriar,
located at Bree-town Hall (31.1S, 51.2W)
Collecting History
Quest level 23 Fellowship,
NPC - Newbold Leafcutter,

located at Bree-town, up on Scholar's Walk (30.5S, 51.7W)
An Ancient Story of Evil
Quest level 23 Fellowship,
NPC - Naerandir,
located in Southern Barrow-downs (33.7S, 55.5W)
Forging Anew
Quest level 23,
NPC -Naerandir,
located in Southern Barrow-downs (33.7S, 55.5W)
Heading West
Quest level 24 Fellowship,
NPC - Aradia,
located at Bree-land - Adso's Camp(29.4S, 56.6W)
Evil's Final Chapter
Quest level 25 Fellowship,
NPC - Naerandir,
located in Southern Barrow-downs (33.7S, 55.5W)
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The Great Barrow Walkthrough

The Great Barrow Map


It is recommended to have a full group (6 players) and the players should be between 20-25 level. You must have guardian (used as tank), and minstrel (used as healer and to stun undead). My suggestion is to have at least one champion, because it allows more AOF.


At the start of the instance, you have to fight Barrow Spiders: elite 19 level (~ 2,165 hp) and
Barrow Queens: Elite level 20 (~2,200 hp). This part is easy, but don't rush in and donât aggro more than 2-3 of them. There will be 2 spider patrols, one directly in front of you, and the other coming down the stairs to the right. There will be some crawlers level 18-19 too.

The next are undead
Barrow-wight Bowman: Elite 21 level (2,469 hp), and
Grim Tomb-wight
: Normal 21 level (554 hp).
They mostly come in groups of 2 or 3. Some wights have their own minions, normal wights (~500 hp). Others can summon them as well. Your minstrel should stun one of the elite mobs while you are fighting the others.

The Bosses and The Skull Key

The Great Barrow instance has 4 bosses. Thadur the Ravager, Gaerdring and Gaerthel at the same room, and the final boss Sambrog. To get to the final boss you have to get the skull key. Each half of the key you get from the first two. Once you have the key, you can skip certain parts of the great barrow to get to the end boss quicker. Only one person in the group needs to have the key.

IMPORTANT: When you fight the bosses you have to do it in their room. If you leave the room the boss fight will reset. All of the boss fights are endurance fights, so conserve power.


Everything becomes a little harder now. The elites go up a few levels
Barrow-wight Caller: Elite 22-23 level (2,667 - 2,847 hp),
Barrow-wight Bowman: Elite 21 level(2469 hp),
Gaunt Battle Caller: Elite 23 leve (2,847),
Barrow-wight Bow-lord
: Elite 23 level (2,818 hp),
Barrow Hound
: Normal 22 level (587 hp).

At this moment it would be nice to have a hunter in the group. Hunter should lay a trap, and then pull the mob. In the mean time, the minstrel can stun the mob when he gets trapped. Then you should attack the others. Be sure to keep the aggro off the healer.

Thadur the Ravager boss is level 23, Elite Master (9,490 hp). If you fight him too close to the door he resets. Battle stops three times (at approximately 7000 morale, 4000 morale, 2000 morale). At that moment he steps back and Foul Barrow-wights: Normal 23 level (633 hp) spawn. And each time there are more of them. These non elites you should take down fast, because the boss starts fighting again. Usually when the boss starts the fight again, he does some heavy damage to the whole party. And healer may lose all the power. When you defet Thadur, he drops the right half of the skull key for An Ancient Story of Evil.


On the other side, you will fight with
Grim Tomb-wights
: Normal 21 level (554 hp),
Crawling Arms: Normal 21-22 level (~ 300hp),
Diseased Plague rat: Normal 21 level (277 hp),
Barrow-wights Bowman
: Elite 21 level(2469 hp),

Accursed Fell Spirit: Signature 25 level (1,431 hp).

You should use the same tactic as for the right half key with Hunters and Minstrels. When you come to the last room, there are actually 2 bosses. You'll be focusing on the left boss, Gaerdring level 21 Elite Master (8,230 hp). Boss on the right Gaerthel level 21 Elite Master (8,396 hp) is neutral and canât be harmed. Send your main tank on left boss Gaerdring. As soon as the fight begins he summons non elite minions to help him, wave after wave of slow moving undead
Accursed Fell Spirit
: Signature 25 level (1,431 hp). Each wave gets progressively bigger.

As soon as you kill the first boss the second one Gaerthel will come up. He doesn't summon anything. The first boss drops left part of the key for An Ancient Story of Evil.


When you get both halves of the key, someone must return to the Bree town and get the key. Some of the mobs will re-spawn especially spiders at the entrance, so players inside the instance should kill them. When you get the key, you can open Skull doors. Before you get to the final boss you will fight with
Accursed Fell spirit: Signature 25 level (1,431 hp),
Consuming Barrow crawler: Normal , level 24-25
Ancient Barrow-wight: Elite level 24-25 (3,062 hp-3,252 hp)

and finally boss Sambrog: Nemesis level 25 (14,452 hp).

The best way to start is to send your tank on the boss. Only the tank should face Sambrog, while the others should be behind Sambrog because he has an AOE scream that makes about 400 damage. He will spawn Accursed Fell spirits: Signature 25 level (1,431 hp) during the fight. This is a very long fight and you should use some fellowship conjunctions that restore power.

When you defeat him you can go back to the entrance or use exit that takes you in the Old Forest.

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