Secret place with Hobbit and Squirrels

Have you seen this secret place? There are only a few people who have discovered it so far. If you are ready for a new adventure follow up our road signs...

"The place is not in Shire or Evendim it's in Lone Lands. And it's not a part of a quest . At Ost Guruth, at the back left of the town there is a wall that has crumbled and its possible to jump up at it and from there onto the slope behind.Once you make the "jump to the upper Lone Lands" go northwest-ish and then north to Dol Dinen along the ridge.

The jump only make while on horseback, feet alone will not do the job. This is NOT a glitch or warp bug - the area you need to climb/jump up looks doable, you just need to persevere. As to whether you need a horse... well, no - but you will need some buff. A captain's sprint buff is doable, but not sure about the Hunter's run boost. It can also be done on a level 25 horse, and... as a CHICKEN!!"

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Have you found the secret place?

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