Rune Keeper healing debate

"A lot of people complain that one skill or another the RK has for healing is not good enough. This is very true, because the RK is designed to need a full rotation of these "sub-par" skills to get the job done. They are intended to have a number of synergies that pull together to be more then the sum of their parts. Remember, "advanced" class. Healing should be more complicated then with the Minstrel, but on par effectiveness wise (if you can pull off good rotations.)"

Zombie Columbus
The Lord of the Rings Online Team Turbine, Inc.

There is enough doubt out there about Rune-Keeper's healing capabilities. Aklouie - level 60 Rune Keeper (main healed Uru, CD, and all those lower instances and HM 16th, FG, Forges, GS) made a wonderful post about healing strategies.

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