Lotro Rune Keeper Healer

Rune-Keeper as a main healer - Tips / Tricks

by aklouie -
level 60 RK, main healed Uru, CD, and all those lower instances and HM 16th, FG, Forges, GS.

  1. You're squishy, always remember that. Do whatever you can to avoid aggro. Distracting wind anything coming at you or yell at your team to get it away. Never forget calming verse and I have the puller call it right before a pull so I can get max duration on it (I don't have the trait yet). The RK rock around a corner is also a lovely thing to have so it'll pull archers who aggro onto it towards the group.
  2. Keep an eye on what protection is needed. Wound protection in moria is invaluable often but keep a close watch at what it's doing to your attunement level. If you're running all fates intertwined, you cannot use two protections before firing another heal. It'll drop you below 9.
  3. Writ of health twice on the main tank then start up the next likely aggro puller and alternate back and forth until both are writ'd up. In between casts use mending verse to help boost healing and prelude on other members to supplement your rock. Save power and let them decay to the second tier before casting another one.
  4. Epic of the ages is a catchup skill, not a main heal. It'll suck power from you faster than anything else and costs a lot of time that might be needed elsewhere. By all means use it when necessary, but if it's bad, don't forget to bubble the target before you start inducting it
  5. You'll pick up occasional aggro, keep a prelude on yourself and the rock up to help deal with that. Things that hit for 3k in Moria = dead RK if you have more than a few hits on yourself
  6. Don't forget to keep up calming verse
  7. You have two group heals and they are both emergencies. Essay of Exaltation and That which does not kill you. If possible, load up That which will not kill you right before a boss's scripted aoe strike (GS and FG). Someone's going to have to cue you on the boss's health for this one. The other is a true emergency skill that you use after that alpha strike to help save people. Do your best not to use one of these skills because of cooldown. Else you won't have it when you need it. Of course in a boss fight, by all means fire it off when everyone has been smacked then get on the main tank
  8. Main tank is your priority. He goes down, we all go down. Sacrifice anyone else as needed
  9. Be humble and ask for healing support or a Pure of Heart CJ when you need it. You're primarily a 1-2 target healer, not a group healer like a minstrel. People will have to be a bit more competant than with a minstrel.
  10. Don't even bother with that no aggro ICMR regen skill. Way too much power and you're stuck inducting
  11. When you get to attunement 10 and you think you can hold there for a while, turn on all fates intertwined. I know it's only 10% but oddly it seems to help quite a bit for the power cost.
  12. When you get melee aggro, run towards the tank or shocking touch it and call it out. If you have archer aggro, get a hunter on it while ducking around a corner. It's vital you do not get smacked up because of breaking inductions.

My sequence is this:

Protections activated
Puller calls out pull
I fire up calming verse
Puller pulls
Rock up
Prelude on puller
Mending verse on puller
Writ of health 1 on tank
Mending on whoever needs it, puller or tank
writ of health 2 on tank
mending on whoever needs it
writ of health 1 on secondary
mending on whoever needs it
prelude to clean up someone else
writ of health 3 on tank
observe, react as necessary
writ of health 2 and 3 on secondary
alternate writs

Calming verse when it's up, protections when they're up. If I fired a protection (or both of them) i'll go back to attunement 9 and fire up all fates intertwined

After big nasty aoe strike

  • Either That which does not kill or Essay is fired
  • Prelude and rock back up on self (if you die, they all die too)
  • Immediate epic of the ages on main tank (if he dies, you die)
  • Assess if you can wait out the increased power cost of Essay, wait if you can
  • Restore writs
  • Mending or epic depending on hurt level of another fellow

Traits I use for healing

Legendary - Martial, That which does not kill, steady hands

Class - Writ of health, prophetic (this really is nice in heavy wound/poison areas), allusion (threat bad), +crit, confounding principles (you don't want that stunned thing coming at you quite that fast), and the last one depends on where i'm going. The improved rock is actually somewhat useful as an offtank because you can get the puller to run around the corner with the rock and the rock will pull most of the aggro right off until the tank can pick it up.

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