Mice are defeated – next up flies…

It was a long and exhausting fight for our Hobbit hero and his Female Elf mentor. When put up against the 16 day reigning champion - Church Mice - it took all of your help to stay on top.Thanks to the EU LOTRO community we managed to prevail. The battle was won, but not the war. We are pitted against another opponent today so if you have some time go to Webcomic Battle site and cast your vote - may the best fly ... errr ... hobbit win.

I am so not doing this again - I'm a competitive guy by nature - part of why I enjoy MMORPGs - but this was almost too much for my nerves. Puts to test all the hard work we invested into this idea ...

Btw - you can see the final result of the battle below

See How We Did at Webcomic Battle!

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