What to do when you get LOST

Season finale of Lost was on TV a few nights ago. A lot of hopes were put into this one, because that show, no matter how awesome it was when it started, lost a lot of its freshness as the seasons progressed. Lost had such a big impact on how TV shows are made and a lot of TV stations try and make something as compelling  as that pilot episode of Lost (only Heroes managed to get even close though imo).

In the meantime, Silriel and I managed to level to 20! Yay - I can resurrect people now and she gets to wear shiny new heavy armor.

These two things kind of mixed in my mind and that's how this comic got made.

If you don't watch the show or have never heard of it - it's this TV show featuring survivors of a plain crash on a deserted island. I bet though that in any given TV show you would see our characters go for that next level. And since Lost features Dominic Monaghan - one of the actors that played the part of Merry in The Lord of the Rings trilogy the parallel between our site, the game we love and this TV show is easy to make - right? (what was that philosophy - you can connect any two things in the world in three steps - or was that 6 degrees of separation)

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