Webcomic Battle – Vote for us!

While browsing the net I came across this site that pairs up webcomics against each other in a Webocomic Battle. I just couldn't resist putting us up on there and we got this notice:
"Congratulations! Your comic, Lotro Life, has made it to its 1st round!

Today it has been paired up against Church mice, which is on its 16th round!"

16th round! I mean 16th! Therefore we are calling out for your help dear visitors. Vote for Lotro Life - increase your karma for today!

Vote For Us on Webcomic Battle!

By the way, Here is a comic I've seen on there that made me even more worried - so please don't be shy on your clicking.
There are four other Webcomic battles going on so if you don't see us right away vote until you get to our comic.
Thank you all!

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