Lotro Beta Sign Up Free-to-Play

If I'm a lifetime subscriber do I automatically get into the beta?
No. It means that your name is already on the list of potential beta testers. [Sapience]

Will there be a Free-to-Play Beta and when will it start?

Beta starts June 16th on Bullroarer server. You can sign up for beta at www.lotro.com/betasignup! [Sapience]

Is there a specific date for beta invites? Has anyone already got the beta invite?
They have not been sent yet. We're still receiving applications and sorting through current players. Don't worry! Beta starts in 9 days. We'll have the first round of invites out in plenty of time for you to download and patch the Beta client. Also, don't be discouraged if you don't get one of the first invites! We'll be sending out invitations throughout the Beta process. Just because you didn't get one at the start doesn't mean you were blacklisted or excluded. [Sapience]

Can Beta invitation expire?
Invitations do not expire. At least, not until beta is over. [Sapience]

I’m a new or returning player. How do I sign up for Beta?
Start by registering at www.lotro.com/betasignup. Turbine’ll select entrants from that list once beta starts.

I’m an existing customer. How do I sign up for the Beta?
Existing subscribers do not need to register to apply for the beta –Turbine’ll randomly invite subscribers who have been active in the last 30 days and have an account in good standing throughout the beta. If you wish to register at www.lotro.com/betasignup that will count as an extra entry and may increase your chance of being selected for participation.
If you sign up you get into both the subscriber and the sign up pools. So you get an extra 'entry'.

Is there any way to increase my chance of getting into the beta?
Sure! Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook! We’ll give out special beta entry codes to our fans via social media - so give yourself the best chance of getting in and make sure to keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

Are we under NDA during the beta?
Yes. What happens in beta stays in beta! Once you receive your invitation and apply your beta key to your account, you will have access to the private beta forums. This is the only place to discuss anything you see or do in beta. Remember, the first rule of beta is you do not talk about beta!

Do we have new  area in beta?
Beta includes both Free-to-Play and the Enedwaith region. [Sapience]

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