Lotro Wardrobe System and Character slots

Questions about Wardrobe System (feature coming with Lotro Free-to-Play model) and number of the character slots are the most often asked questions. We have collected some official forum answers to these questions and made a list of Wardrobe System and Character slots FAQ.

Wardrobe System:

1. What is the "Wardrobe System"?
Wardrobe is a special storage for your cosmetic items. That way they don't take up inventory, bank, vault, or housing storage. [Sapience]
It's expandable to 50 slots, much like shared storage, in 10-slot increments. It's account level, so you buy it once and each character will have their own wardrobe.[Patience]
It is 20 storage slots that holds cosmetic items. There are several things you can do with the items once in storage and some very cool tricks it can do, but you'll need to wait for the dev diary for the full details. [Sapience]

2. Does it save full outfits together or does it let you swap them out into your outfit panels instead of having to drag and drop each item individually?
Sorry, but no. [Sapience]

3.Will current VIPs have to purchase the wardrobe?
VIPs get the wardrobe for cosmetic items included in their subscriptions. [Patience]
The wardrobe is included with VIP subscription, but is also purchasable. [Patience]

Character slots:

1. Will I lose character slots if I maintain my paid subscription?

The benefits and features of the Adventurer's Pack will remain available to you. Whether you are a VIP, Premium player, or Free player, you will get to keep your 2 extra character slots and shared storage bank. Additionally, Mines of Moria and any other added slots will be maintained.

2. Will I lose characters if I downgrade from premium to unpaid, VIP?
Other previously created characters will be visible but not accessible unless you unlock more character slots.

3.What is the maximum amount of character slots achievable?
At any point, you can purchase more character slots in the LOTRO Store, up to 11 character slots per server.

4. Which char's do I lose when I am dinged down to five slots as an automatic VIP?
If you already have 9, you won't lose the extra 4 you already paid for. Whenever someone has more characters than slots, they're asked which characters they wish to put in those slots (one time - you can't change your mind later), which characters get locked is up to you. You never lose your characters. If you don't have enough slots, they'll still be available to put into any slots you choose to purchase. Premium accounts have access to 3 slots, plus any they have purchased with Moria, the Adventurer's Pack, or from the LOTRO Store when it launches.

5. Will my account be disabled if I don't log in for certain period of time?
Characters are never deleted. Your account will never be downgraded for inactivity.[Patience]

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