Lotro Yule Festival 2010 – Introduction

It is the time of the year to be festive and celebrate and reflect on all the things that happened in the year behind us and make wishes and hope for great things in the year ahead. Lord of the Rings Online celebrates the year's end in the form of a Yule Festival that runs from December 14th to January 11. 2010. There are several very fun events available this year with the crown being a completely new and festival dedicated area called Frostbluff (or Winter-home as some call it). There will be decisions to be made on whether to support the rich or the poor, but lets leave that to our guides to explain.

The Festival begins with the quest An Invitation to the Festival that you start with an item you receive in the mail. You learn that you can talk to Festival Stable-masters in West Bree, Michel Delving, Throin’s Hall and Celondim (they are next to regular stable masters) and they will take you to a new land, Frostbluff. When you arrive to Winter-home you should get the introductory quest The Yule Celebration of Winter-home and you need to complete this quest in order to participate in the available winter festivities of Frostbluff (and unlock the other available quests). For each of the activities you participate in and quests you finish you will be getting Frostbluff coins that you can exchange for cosmetic rewards and house decorations.

Here's a comprehensive list of things to care about during this year's Yule Festival:

  • Frostbluff Quests
  • Frostbluff Theatre and Snowfight Events
  • Breeland, Thorin’s Hall, Duillond and Shire quests
  • Rewards
  • Lotro Life will try and provide you with information with all of the available activities and we'll be updating this post as well as creating separate pages for special activities as we gather all the information. In the meantime check out our gallery of the Yule Festival:

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