Yule Festival 2010 Theatre Event in Winter-home

Among many activities available during this Yule Festival there is a very special little event that is among the most unique things I have ever seen in any MMORPG. G.L.O.B.E. , Green Lilly Orators, Bards and Entertainers, are an acting company of Hobbits that have decided to present their famous production of "The Curious Disappearance of Mad Baggins" to the Winter-home visitors. Every ten minutes or so there is a show happening inside the Theatre building and you can actually participate as one of the actors. The show will not start if there are not at least three players present in the theatre that are not AFK. If there are more people present, three will be chosen randomly as actors.


If you do get chosen as an actor you will be taken into the back-room where you find out that three Hobbits that were supposed to play Bilbo, Gandalf and an Extra were prevented from performing for one reason or another and you get to replace them. You will be randomly assigned a role. The way to play a certain role is to go out on the stage and target the audience and then perform an emote when you are given a cue. During the course of the show you will be called out to perform an emote three times. There is not one particular emote you need to perform each time, but rather one of the emotes that depict a certain felling or mood. As an extra you will be happy about the whole event and do cheerful emotes, while as Gandalf (the villain of this particular story) you will be doing "evil" emotes. Here's a list of emotes I like to do for each part in no particular order and remember to mix it up a little:

Bilbo Gandalf Extra
/bow /wave or /hail /laugh /cheer
/talk /shakefist /dance
/wave /rude /clap

Acting awards

If you successfully perform 2 out of 3 emotes you will be awarded the title Star of the Show. For playing each of the characters you also get additional titles: Protagonist for playing Bilbo, Villain for playing Gandalf and Extra for playing the role of the Partygoer. Each of these also awards 5 turbine points.


If you don't get picked as an actor you can still watch the show and participate by throwing flower petals at actors that perform well or rotten fruit at people that missed their cue or performed the wrong emote. You can buy the petals and rotten fruit at the Concessions trader inside the Theatre. Throwing enough petals/fruit will earn you additional rewards:

Frostbluff Flower Petals
Tier 1: Throw Petals 5 times - rewards: 10 Bags of Flower Petals, 4 Frostbluff coins, 5 Turbine Points
Tier 2: Throw Petals 10 times - rewards: 4 Frostbluff coins, Title: Petal Pusher, 5 Turbine Points
Tier 3: Throw Petals 25 times - rewards: 8 Frostbluff coins, Flower Petals (permanent item), 5 Turbine Points
Frostbluff Rotten Fruit
Tier 1: Throw Fruit 5 times - rewards: 10 Rotten Fruits, 4 Frostbluff coins, 5 Turbine Points
Tier 2: Throw Fruit 10 times - rewards: 4 Frostbluff coins, Title: Fruit Hucker, 5 Turbine Points
Tier 3: Throw Fruit 25 times - rewards: 8 Frostbluff coins, Rotten Fruit (permanent item), 5 Turbine Points

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