Fishing Book 13

Some interesting information about fishing. Enjoy! Special thanks to Rick.

-         You can fish from just about any location that has water, including steams and lakes in neighborhoods.

<DBSRick> hey I just realized, a whole dev chat went by with no Fishing comments!
<+Keth_Turbine> Fishing is pretty sweet, actually, I saw it up and running the other day.
<DBSRick> I bet. without getting attacked by marketting ninjas, any details you can share about fishing? I was fond of the FFXI system, despite it being punishingly boring.
<+Keth_Turbine> hrm, I'm not the designer on fishing, and I think we've got a dev diary coming, but anyone can be a Fisherman, no matter what.
<+Keth_Turbine> and you can fish just about anywhere, although the pulls will be different depending on what region you are in.
 <DBSRick> Cool. was just curious as to how it would work. Is it a leveled ability, that kind of thing
<+Keth_Turbine> yeah, your skill level will increase and it will affect the pulls.
<DBSRick> nice. sounds good to me. Hopefully the things we pull have a use?
 <+Keth_Turbine> they are fish! They have thousands of uses!
<DBSRick> lmao
<DBSRick> can we put one on the wall and make it talk? Or sing Achey Breaky heart?
 <+Keth_Turbine> I'm honestly not sure what you can fish up, but I have heard some interesting things.
<+Annuvin_LOTRO> Boots.
<+Annuvin_LOTRO> Rings.
 <+Annuvin_LOTRO> Nazgul.
<+Annuvin_LOTRO> You'd be amazed what's just laying around down there.
 <+Keth_Turbine> you can actually fish up an empty bottle to store potions in...
 <DBSRick> oooo! If we fish up a Nazgul can we keep it?
<+Keth_Turbine> (little Zelda reference there.)
<DBSRick> we need someone to serve the beer in the kin house
<+Annuvin_LOTRO> Okay... I'm off to lead the glamour filled life of getting peed on, and changing diapers. Wish me luck!
<+Keth_Turbine> I best take off as well, I want to fish up this exciting spec called "Amarthiel Ascendant" for Book 14.
<+Keth_Turbine> er finish up
<+Keth_Turbine> I've got fish on the brain.
<+Keth_Turbine> remember, all the instances will be boring.
<DBSRick> lol

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