Book 12 Patch 1 Notes

Auction House

  • Rejoice! We returned auction string searching functionality.


  • Ranged auto-attacks have had their miss rates increased when on the move.
  • Quest items will no longer drop while in a raid unless the quest items are used for a raid quest.
  • The range for melee conjunction skills has been increased to 2.5 meters to match the standard distance for all other melee attacks.
  • Guardian Skill Updates:
    • Movement effects have been prioritized to prevent lesser effects from overwriting more powerful effects.
    • “Thrill of Danger” has been fixed to drain power from monsters again instead of fellows (unfortunately it will also break mez again).
    • “Overpower” will no longer toggle off when a Guardian is silenced.
  • The trait “Grim Challenge” will no longer reduce the cooldown of the skill Engage.


  • Re-added the missing Tailoring, Weaponsmith, and Woodworker crafting recipes to treasure tables. These recipes should once again be available via treasure drops.


  • Crafted Shields will now properly sheath on the player’s back during ranged attacks, and will properly display the visual FX during combat.
  • Ashûrz's Adornment has been converted back to a necklace as it was originally introduced into the game as. If the item is currently slotted into an earring slot it will remain there until unequipped.
  • The sixth bonus on the Hunter's “Armour of the Aurochs” has been switched back to “Penetrating Shot.”
  • The Captain's Rift gear now grants the wearer the shadow mitigation bonus when the improved trait is slotted.
  • Dwarf medium short sleeve armor appearances are now using the correct textures and dyemaps. Dyemaps of dwarf medium upper and lower body textures have been adjusted.


  • Certain Elites managed to sneak into the Angmar landscape spawns, but they are now appropriately Normals.
  • Players should see fewer instances of monsters entering anti-exploit mode.

User Interface

  • Pressing Delete in the crafting panel's search box will now refresh the list just like any other key.
  • Fixed an issue with the spar timer where it would sometimes appear to stop while sparring.
  • Fixed a bug in the dressing room where body parts could vanish.
  • If you try on an item in the dressing room it will now be displayed even if that slot has been toggled off on the character journal.


  • Mount animations have been adjusted to reduce the jarring nature of run turns using mouse-look.
  • Avatars will no longer play their hit animations when hit while riding a mount.
  • Idle emotes will now activate less often. No more itching!


  • Fixed the issue with losing the trail of a fellowship member's companion.
  • Fixed an issue where newly-added swift travel routes would be unavailable until you talked to the destination stable-master again.
  • Fixed an issue with Fellowship Maneouvers breaking pets’ vitals.
  • When distributing items via Master Looter, the character receiving an item must be in the immediate vicinity of the fellowship or raid leader who assigns the item when the chest containing the loot is opened. Please make sure all members of the fellowship or raid are close to the Master Looter before opening the chest and beginning the assignment of loot.


  • “The Matron and the Master” is no longer restricted to solo players, and the instance can now be completed as part of a fellowship.
  • Fixed the pathing for monsters in the final boss room of “Book 12 Chapter 6.”
  • NPCs will no longer spawn in the ground in “Book 12 Chapter 9.”
  • The boss of “Book 12 Chapter 3” now spawns in his adds correctly.
  • The issue blocking more than one player from entering the “Seven Swords” instance has now been fixed.
  • The quest, “Bullroarer’s Challenge – Advanced,” is now available to players. Party on!
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