Upcoming Book 13 Annuminas Tweaks

In general,  there are a couple of problems in this area. In Book 13, Turbine is  trying to make a few tweaks to make this area to try and address those issues.

- Accessibility is one of those issues, so in Book 13 we are providing a reputation gated travel route from Tinnudir to Echad Garthadir. This route will make it easier to get across Lake Evendim to this area.

- We've also added a Milestone, just in case you'd like to recall here easily from any where in the world.

Flipping the Camps
- Another problem is conveying better what is going on at the 3 camps found in Annúminas and how they relate to accessing the 3 instances there. What we're doing is providing some in-game items to both Tinnudir and Echad Garthadir that, when examined, will help explain the current state of the events and how camp control affects instance accessibility.
- We've also added some region broadcasts when the camps flip state, just to further let people know something is going on out in Annúminas.

Rally Points
- We've also added a new Rally point for the Annúminas Tombs and Palace instances. This rally point will be on the island, so if you are defeated in one of those instances, you will not have to cross back over the bridge. This should make getting back into those instances a lot easier.

Annuminas Quests
- The biggest change coming is to the quests that go into Annúminas. We've decided to make those quests "dailies," or quests that reset everyday. Since you can now do these everyday, we've removed the experience rewards and tweaked the other rewards a bit. Our hope though is that this will help you get more of the barter tokens, the "Arnorian Armour Fragments" and the "Battered Arnorian Armour" items, that you need for the armour sets.

Annuminas Barter Tokens
- Due to the quest change above, we've decided to make the barter tokens bind on acquire. This means that you will no longer be able to trade them once Book 13 is available.
- This means that if you've stored any of these items on Alts, you'll want to send them to whatever character you want to eventually get the armour.
- In addition, if you have any stored in your house, those items will be bound to the first character who picks them up from storage.
- Items that are on the Auction House will be, again, bound to the first person who receives them in their inventory.
- If the items are in your Vault, they will be bound to your character when you take them from the Vault.

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