First Guest Casual comic

LotroLife was envisioned as a meeting point for the LOTRO community. A place where you guys can have something fun to read that will lighten you up and make those grinding sessions a bit easier :). We, also, always hoped that the site will draw in creative people of the LOTRO community and give them a place on the internet where they can express themselves.

This is the first time this wish of ours has been realized. We posted a topic on the US forums announcing our existence and very soon one of the US forum members - AmbushMartyr - told us he had some work of his own. We present to you here the first guest comic on This is one of three comics AmbushMartyr sent us and we'll be publishing all three very soon. We are planning on introducing a special community submitted section on our site where community's creativity will be displayed, but more on that soon. In the meantime you can contact us with your work or your comic ideas and we'll try and bring those to life on our site.

Click on the picture or here to see the comic.

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