A lot of official LOTRO news from both sides of the Ocean

There has been a wealth of information made available to the LOTRO community on both sides of the ocean in the past two days.

To start things of - US community manager Patience announced in the forums that the lorebook is editable by all players that have a active US LOTRO account. Here's the full announcement:

"Greetings everyone!

We're pleased to announce that the LOTRO Lorebook is now open for editing by players with an active LOTRO subscription!

The LOTRO Lorebook is a wiki - a searchable database - connected to the game itself. The Lorebook contains information on nearly every quest, item, creature, NPC, class, and race in LOTRO. wikis are user-editable, and LOTRO players are invited to add information to the Lorebook they feel would benefit other players; hints, walkthroughs, strategies, and more!

Visit the Lorebook at http://lorebook.lotro.com! "

Next up is that EU maintenance has been moved to Thursday again to implement a number of hotfixes. I guess these are the hotfixes the US got a few days ago only now translated and localized for the European version of the game.

Next European Dev Chat is on Thursday 28th June. From 20.00 until 21.00 UK time (GMT + 1). Turbine devs will be on hand to answer your questions about all things LOTRO! For full details on how to participate, please visit Online-Welten's IRC page, here. If you have any questions for the devs you can post them on our forums and I'll try and join the dev chat and relay those questions.

Last but not least, Turbine added a new article about Staddle to their Points of Interest section - the link to the full article is here.

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