Some community news – updated

After a few days seems to be back with their amazing dynamic LOTRO maps. They have been moving to a new server and the switch didn't go as smooth as hoped, but the most important news is that they are now back with a slick new look. We wish them a successful and visit-full relaunch.

Everyone seems to be having a blast with the Summer festivities and has a new LOTRO comic up covering this - she made an excellent one yet again. The EU forums community seems to agree on the brilliance of the Summer festival quest design.

The US forums have this topic discussing how the LOTRO community feels different than some of the game communities out there. We whole heartedly agree.

So much for this slow weekend. Hope you're relaxing and having fun all. We are doing some coding and will present a couple of guest comics. Somebody convince me that it's not weekend and that I should start working instead of crawling the net ...


I've missed on some great news here and I thought I make up for it.

LotroVault and their very own news manager Loktofeit have released a great list of the new deeds in the Shores of Evendim expansion. They also have had their ABC notation music library updated with some MP3 samples which show how the files sound when played in the game. And than there's the panoramic screenshots gallery they've released that looks absolutely stunning.

Weathertop Radio has their 10th LOTRO podcast out - entitled Many Meetings - covering a lot of things so be sure to check them out.

For the end I got a couple of things I hope you'll find fun. The latest casual comic needed some screenshots of Legolas, which can be found only in Rivendell as far as I know. Now, some of you may know that my poor minstrel is only lvl 21 since I got no time to play almost (update- I did get him to 23 over the weekend :). Getting to Rivendel was no small feat for a lowly level 21. The lands in between feature ~ lvl 35 monsters of which some are elite. I've crossed the Last Bridge out of Lone Lands and stood face to face with none other than an epic lvl 35 mob called "Snow-Mantle Cow". I got into a conversation with high levels in the area asking for directions and here's a little screenshot of how that went ...

On a completely unrelated note. I came across this topic on the EU forums addressing the dilemma all LOTRO players face at one point - wear that nice head armor that just dropped or just stick to something that looks a little less like a complete dissaster. Here's a picture to prove my point shamelessly stolen from that thread.

(click on the picture to see the full size image)

And this is the end of what must be the longest news post in the history of LotroLife.
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