Eleventy-Seven Morsels

Now that the dwarves have had their fun with Swig & Toss, it's time to give Hobbits what they love most: a game and a snack in one fell swoop!


Eleventy-Seven Morsels, a game straight out of the Shire, is now available at the Unlock the Mines of Moria site.

If that's not enough, playing Eleventy-Seven Morsels can earn you another star on the gate, unlocking another exclusive image from the upcoming expansion to The Lord of the Rings Online™: Mines of Moria™ and putting one step closer to the prize!

Eleventy-Seven Morsels is a Hobbit game, and everyone knows Hobbits like to eat! The playing pieces are edible and each time a player starts a move, they suddenly have one less playing piece. Eleventy-Seven Morsels is easy to get into and fun to play, but may take time to master. Eleventy-Seven Morsels awaits!

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