Lorebook access now available to European subscribers

European subscribers to The Lord of the Rings Online™ are now able to use their Player Account System (PAS) username and password to log into and edit the LOTRO Lorebook for the first time.

This is a fantastic opportunity for the European community to take part in the day to day updating of everything to do with The Lord of the Rings Online™ and help to support the global community with our wealth of knowledge.

The Lorebook is a wiki which contains hundreds of pages of information pulled directly from the game’s databases, including quests, items, recipes, creatures, NPCs, locations, and more. There’s even a Google map of Middle-earth on which the locations of many items are marked. These pages can be searched, linked to one another, and most are editable by LOTRO players to add their notes and tips for other players.

Please be aware there are a few ground rules for using the Lorebook.

  • The Lorebook currently only supports English language. Pages which communicate in any other language including French and German will be removed until we have the systems and support in place to manage those languages at the level of quality we’d be happy with.
  • Players are free to edit or add any information as long as it is accurate and relevant. Any irrelevant text will be removed without notice.
  • Misuse of this feature will lead to your username being banned from the Lorebook. This means all login access will be removed.
  • European players are free to create their own Kinship pages however at this time there are no European server listings.

The Lorebook can be found here: http://lorebook.lotro.com


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