Interview with Jeffrey Steele

Is book 14 going to be a little smaller than previous books because of the work on Moria?

It all depends on how you look at it.. in certain areas, absolutely.  We are not adding a whole new region, like we did in a couple updates, because people are working on building out Moria.  We are adding a bunch of new content, maybe on balance not as much new content than as we have in some of the other ones.    On the other hand, we are having an awful lot of activity and stuff that you can do with some of this live event and event related stuff we are doing.  I would say, a little smaller than our other updates, but I want to be clear, that we have grown our LOTRO team in order to start building expansion on top of our live team, we didn't just sever our live team and throw them over to Moria and say "we will worry about the live game later".

A new interview from Ten Ton Hammer with Producer Jeffrey Steele

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