Book 8 Rune Keeper Changes

As we wrote earlier today Zombie_Columbus announced a big list of changes for Rune-Keepers. Modifications will be focused on spike damage and power usage:

  1. Epic Conclusion critical damagewas reduced and the "Closing Remarks" buffs were reduced to +50%. Base damage was increased to preserve overall DPS.
  2. Ceaseless Argument had its base damage reduced, but also its power cost. This skill was overpreforming as a DPS skill and will function more as a filler auto-attack now.
  3. Fall to X has been changed so it does not increase the damage of the attack that triggered it, but to apply damage seperetly. This I will admit is 100% because of players complaining about various weak attacks doing too much damage, when in fact it was simply the Fall to X skill triggering. However, the change is completely cosmetic and does not change the effectiveness of the skills.
  4. The IA critical damage from lightning legacy has been reduced in potency.

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