Book 8 Rune Keeper Changes

Book 8 Rune Keeper Changes

by Zombie_Columbus

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Book 7 saw the Rune-keeper emerge as a competent end-game DPS class. His traitlines were refined to be mostly useful, setting up tension between them. His healing capabilities were enhanced, mostly through more AOE healing. His IA mods were tweaked to give him a significant amount of growth and customization once level cap was reached.

However, Book 7 also included global reductions in weapon based DPS and monster tactical resistance. These changes, once players had time to adapt, brought the Rune-keeper from a weak position, to an overly strong position that needs some modifcations. As a whole the class does not need significant changes to be in line with others, there is a short list of overly potent things the Rune-keeper is capable of. The changes in Book 8 are intended to address these specifically, without effecting overall gameplay of the class.

First off is spike Lightning damage, exemplified by the skill Epic Conclusion (and to a lesser extent, Fall to X.) Epic Conclusion is a skill with significant costs, and significant potential rewards. As has been discussed greatly, there are number of random rolls and group provided buffs/debuffs that must line up to achieve the high damage numbers that have been discussed. Lightning speced Rune-keepers are intended to be very exciting, with spiky damage and random chance. The philosophy used in Book 7 when making changes to Lightning was to lift up the lows and bring down the highs, and this same philosophy will be used in Book 8.

  • Epic Conclusion critical damage was reduced and the âClosing Remarksâ buffs were reduced to +50%. Base damage was increased to preserve overall DPS.
  • Ceaseless Argument had its base damage reduced, but also its power cost. This skill was overpreforming as a DPS skill and will function more as a filler auto-attack now.
  • Fall to X has been changed so it does not increase the damage of the attack that triggered it, but to apply damage seperetly. This I will admit is 100% because of players complaining about various weak attacks doing too much damage, when in fact it was simply the Fall to X skill triggering. However, the change is completely cosmetic and does not change the effectiveness of the skills.
  • The IA critical damage from lightning legacy has been reduced in potency.

Fire damage rotation had very different problems. Itâs endgame DPS is very high, especially on single boss monsters, but this is expected and intended, as it is the lines specialty. The inability for a Fire Rune-keeper to switch targets quickly mostly balances the DPS he can ramp up to. However, his power consumption while doing so is much too low. His sustained top end DPS, without the aid of other classes was simply too high.

  • All Rune-keeper damage skills have had a slight increase in power cost. This increase is designed much like the Hunter power cost increase back in Shadows, in that it will only effect players past level 30.
  • Essence of Flame and Smoldering Wrath have had their power costs increased more significantly. These are the most potent of the Fire rune-keepers skills, so they are where we chose to put the majority of the power increases. Players can use these skills more sparingly and have a better damage to power ratio at the cost of DPS.
  • Writ of Fire and Essence of Flame have had small damage reductions. This tweak is fairly minor, and the skills are still highly potent.

Finally, the leftovers!

  • Armour of Flame has its damage slightly reduced and the duration of the DoT greatly reduced. The proc chance of 100% remains, so the DoT will stay on all foes actively attacking the Rune-keeper in melee despite the duration change. This skill was a bit to strong, and the DoT lingered a bit too long.
  • Martial Training has its 10% morale increase reduced to a flat 300 morale. % changes to stats is always dangerous, and this amount of additional morale on a âglass cannonâ was not a good idea. The % increase to power remains, the same.

So, thatâs about it. As was promised in Book 7, these changes will be watched and further changes will be made if necessary. The Book 8 updates are mostly targeted at aspects of that class that the majority was willing to admit were overly potent: power usage rates and spike damage. The team will continue to monitor Rune-keepers status, and we look forward to your feedback.

One Response to Book 8 Rune Keeper Changes

  1. avatar John Smith says:

    I am missing a general design balance statement for the runekeeper:

    Aside special qualities of a class, to make it simple: If a tank class, as an example, can take 3 times more damage, a glass cannon must do 3 times more damage.
    Then substract the options that are superior/inferior to the tanks, like range, additional healing, pets, stuns, AoE etc.
    Compare this to the tanks, then you might have a clue.

    Does a runekeeper do 3 times more damage than a warden, champion or guardian? Or, at least 2 times? I guess not. Can he take 3 times less damage? I am very sure.

    Currently, dps *might* be so ok, well… but not even close to what u took away from the class.