Book 8 Champion Class Balance

Graalx2 has announced Book 8 champion changes and I must admit they are pretty heavy:

Controlled Burn
Duration- 2:30 min
ICPR= Same as Fervour
Damage bonus = 15% (retains fervor legacy bonuses)
Fervour Pips- 1/5 sec
Additional Effects: Applies Ardent Flurry and Glorious Exchange effects on activation.
Removed- 20% morale restriction. In combat only restriction.

Controlled Fury Trait
Extends Controlled Burn duration +1min to 3:30 min
Additional Effect: also adds Red Haze effect on activation of Controlled Burn.

With the change Controlled Burn lasts 2:30. Period. In combat or out of combat does not matter. Ardent Flurry and Glorious Exchange are applied when Controlled Burn is activated (you get their effects). Once Controlled Burn runs out they will go away unless you turn on the appropriate stance. The current incoming healing penalty for Fervour is -30%. This is still subject to change, but thats the number on Bullroarer at the moment.

Fervour will not have an incoming healing penalty in PvMP areas. Creeps are perfectly capable of providing sufficient penalty for Fervour champions.
A bug in the PvMP area code appeared recently in our Dev builds. Depending on the build Bullroarer has, the correct version of Fervour may or may not be present in PvMP areas.

Find out more about upcoming champion changes

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