Additional information about beta Lotro F2P model

The LOTRO Store
We sent out a number of screen shots last week that were mock ups of the store. If you look carefully you can tell they're only for illustration purposes and don't reflect any actual items. For example there is a shot out there that shows a "Helm" with a really nice image of a helmet and a description that says it's a potion.

Some of the item descriptions aren't even related to LOTRO at all. So I would say take much of what's shown in the screens as placeholders. As we progress through the beta process, everything is being constantly reviewed. Beta players are already providing some great feedback, even though we've only been in Beta for 1 day!

Scaled Instances
To clear up any misunderstandings; Instances will be scaled by the player, not automatically. It works like the level setting for Skirmishes. So for something like Helegrod you could choose to run it at level 61 if you wanted. I know some are worried about a 'solo raid'. The instances will not scale in terms of group size. Fighting Thorog is still going to take 24 people.
Also, not every instance will be scaled at launch. The team is working hard to get as many in as they can, but time is finite. The plan is to revist them all, but they're not all going to happen in Book 2.

To give you some idea of how major this change is, JWBarry is currently writing his first novel, also called the Instance Scaling Dev diary. Seriously, it's a book.

It's a level 62-65 area with a lot of new content. Berephon is really excited about this area! So much so he's going to write a Dev diary all about it. Enedwaith, not his excitement.


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