Lotro Beta information

The previous weeks can be described as a hurricane of craziness, interviews and  exclusive peeks to Lotro Beta Model. We have already collected additional information from official forum about Lotro Store, new Enedwaith area, Beta screenshots and Beta Sigh-up but that's not all 🙂

  • Beta is for all of the new content and updates, including Enedwaith and Free-to-Play [Sapience]
  • All items in the Beta store are subject to change. Nothing is final.
  • Virtue buffs do not allow you to go past level 10. This is exactly how they work in game now. [Sapience]
  • Virtues cap at 10. They do not stack beyond that. As with all current additional virtue buffs in game, if you exceed 10 they have no effect. [Sapience]
  • The "slayer deed completed faster" item is not a permanent buff [Sapience]
  • Anything you see in screen shots is more than likely place holder. This applies to costs as well. [Sapience]
  • Deeds are one of the ways you will earn Turbine Points. [Sapience]
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