New Lotro area Enedwaith

The latest information about Lotro Free-to-Play content and Volume 3 Book 2 Preview of new region Enedwaith can be found on massively. They had an interesting interview with Turbine team on E3. We will share with you several main points and if you want to read the entire interview just follow the link

  1. Enedwaith will go live with the Volume 2, Book 3 launch this Fall
  2. VIP members will get access to the new area, the epic quest line associated with it and all the regular quests in the land
  3. F2p will be able to travel in the new lands and complete the epic quest line, but they will need to buy the regional quest pack
  4. Health potions, cosmetic clothing and crafting recipes can be found in new cash shop for the moment
  5. No new Skirmishes will be added in this next content patch
  6. The last feature coming with the new patch is DX11 support
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