Deeds In Moria

A Complete list of Moria Deeds
by nikito (This is a compiled list brought to you by Rememberme, from Landroval, a member of Hobbitual.)

First, I want to thank Alarca, Skidaddle, Mwizi, Casiodorus, Ryswald, Samuel, Griffy, Griffinstorm, Gwendlith, Bootz, Loruan, Azaron, Camillia-1, Eriendel, Findail, Synzora, and all others who helped me with this stuff.

Also, a thing to note for those who are not completionist, you may want to consider doing these deeds anyways. Why? In Moria your max quest amount is based off the number of deeds you complete. Every 40, yes 40, deeds you complete you can have 1 more additional quest in your quest log. For those who have completed all the SoA you will have around +8 max quest log. So those completionist, like me, will benefit from doing all the deeds. However, 40 is a high number, to me at least.

Table Of Contents:

  1. Eregion Deeds by Catagory
  2. Eregion Deeds in Alphabetical order
  3. Moria Deeds by Catagory
  4. Moria Deeds by Alphabetical Order
  5. Class Deeds
  6. Hidden deeds