Moria Deeds By Category

Moria Deeds by Category
by nikito

As you look at the deed information, I have the name first, then the rewards to the right of it. Also, as you can tell the stuff is color coded. I tried to use colors to help with ease of finding. Red is a major category i.e. Explorer, Slayer. Yellow is a sub category, i.e. instance name. Green are titles. Blue are virtues. If you see a ? next to a number, it means that this was not confirmed but only assumed. Also, some deeds I did not get the specific bosses/things to pick-up to finish the deed, only just the rewards and if it's a pick-up/boss slayer.


Bulwarks of the Enemy - Honesty
Menem-Berej - 11.0s, 112.8w
Harazgund - 17.6s, 116.9w
The Forges of Khazad-dum - 17.0s, 109.7w
Fil Gashan - 17.1s, 109.6w (Go in and back out for this to count)
The Gate of Ruin - 10.2s, 103.9w
Skumfil - 13.2s, 100.4w
Dark Delvings - 15.8s, 97.3w
The sixteenth Hall - 11.1s, 101.0w

Eastern Durin's Way - Fidelity
Jazargund - 3.6s, 106.0w
Skoiruzg - 3.6s, 99.6w
Hadad-Dum - 3.0s, 104.7w
Fehem-Dum - 4.1s, 104.6w
Tith-Maudhul - 2.7s, 101.8w
Grishurbhrum - 3.0s, 100.8w
Khulturg - 2.7s, 100.1w
Dar-Rukh - 4.1s, 100.8w

In the Footsteps of the Fellowship - Honour and Title: Friend of the Nine
Durin's Threshold - 8.0s, 115.9w
The Chamber of the Crossroads - 5.1s, 112.1w
The Twenty-First Hall - 5.8s, 105.6w
Chamber of Mazarbul - 4.8s, 105.3w
The Bridge of Khazad-dum (west arch) - 8.0s, 99.2w
The Bridge of Khazad-dum (east arch) - 8.0s, 98.5w
The First Hall - 8.0s, 95.9w

Nud-Melek - Loyalty
The First Hall - 8.0s, 95.9w
Khadar-Zaram - 8.0s, 103.6w
The Deep CrossRoad - 6.3s, 101.1w
Khurjezer - 7.3s, 100.9w
The Bridge of Khazad-dum (west arch) - 8.0s, 99.2w
The Bridge of Khazad-dum (east arch) - 8.0s, 98.5w
Sudulthurkh - 5.6s, 99.2w

The Cliffs or Zirakzigil - Confidence
The Door to the Clouds - 2.8s, 110.8w (Durins way map)
The Broken Cleft - 13.4n, 109.1 (Currently Broken)
Durin's Bane - 14.9n, 108.7w

The Flaming Deeps - Tolerance
Anazarmekhem - 13.3s, 108.1w
The Burning Stair - 15.8s, 110.6w
The Crossroads of Ash - 15.8s, 109.6w
Gate of the Seven Fathers - 15.8s, 108.6w
Hadad-mezer - 14.7s, 107.6w
Hurmulkezer - 17.0s, 107.1w
Hudnul-Meden - 17.0s, 109.6w

The Foundations of Stone - Valour
The Shadowed refuge - 13.0s, 101.6w (Top level)
The Endless Stair - 15.0s, 99.0w
The bridge-shard - 14.1s, 99.7w
Zabad-Fakak - 12.0s, 102.0w
Dalgum-Ru -14.2s, 101.6w

The Great Delving - Honesty
Durin's Threshold -8.0s, 115.9w
Dolvien-view - 8.5s, 112.2w
The dwarf-lords Gate - 6.4s, 112.0w
The lonely Span - 7.6s, 109.7w (On Zelem-Melek map)
The Stone Council - 9.1s, 112.2w
Gazatmur - 7.6s, 111.3w
Shemeldurj - 7.5s, 114.8w (No map PoI)
The Palaz of Nain - 6.6s, 113.6w

The Silvertine Lodes - Fidelity
The Deep Descent - 9.8s, 112.6w
Gamil Filik - 10.4s, 111.2w
Menem-Berej - 11.0s, 112.8w (Bottom level)
Mene-Munz - 11.2s, 12.8w (Top level)

The Redhorn Lodes - Wisdom
The Orc-Watch - 11.1s, 106.7w (On Zelem-melek map)
The Gate of Ruin - 10.2s, 103.9w
Sigin-Tharakh - 12.8s, 103.1w
The Tailing Pit - 10.3s, 105.8w
Menem-Mezel - 12.0s, 105.7w
Malmezel - 12.5s, 106.2w
Ashpar's Command - 11.4s, 103.5w
Budkhul-Beken - 10.8s, 103.2w (can only be accessed via nud-melek)

The Waterworks - Tolerance
The Rotting Cellar - 15.1s, 112.1w
The Great Wheel - 17.7s, 115.6w
Durin's Beard - 13.6s, 112.6w
The lost Palace - 15.0s, 114.9w
The chamber of the Pool - 15.5s, 115.3w
The Chamber of Dark Waters - 16.9s, 11.9w
The lost treasury - 17.3s, 111.0w
Narag-Kheleb - 17.2s, 114.7w
Harazgund - 17.6s, 116.9w
The Chamber of Memory - 18.2s, 111.6w

Western Durin's Way - Idealism
The Chamber of The Crossroads - 5.1s, 112.1w
The Hall of the High Stair - 4.7s, 112.0w
Gloku-ru - 4.1s, 111.2w
Ninknakh Faltor - 3.6s, 112.9w
Tharakh Bazan - 3.6s, 109.2w
Salab NurjunDul - 3.6s, 107.5w
Uflump-mur - 3.1s, 110.3w

Zelem-Melek - Honesty
The Twenty-First Hall - 5.8s, 105.6w
Mudmul-Charaf - 6.4s, 107.7w
Hall of Flowing Water - 9.1s, 107.7w
Gabil-Mamach - 9.0s, 107.2
Chamber of Mazarbul - 4.8s, 105.3w
Gabil-Hul - 9.7s, 108.7w
The great Hall of Durin - 7.6s, 105.2w
Uzard-bakan - 10.5s, 107.9w


16th Hall

Carriers of the Blight (Insect Slayer: 16th Hall)
Tier 1: 60 - Title: Bug-Stomper
Tier 2: 120 - Patience

Corruption in Comand (Instance: 16th Hall) - Zeal and Title: Blight-Scourge
Defeat Tramug
Defeat Dhurz
Defeat The Lost one

Fallen to Blight (Globsnaga Slayer: 16th Hall)
Tier 1: 60 - Title: Blight-Cleanser
Tier 2: 120 - Tolerance

Investigating the Blight (Instance: 16th Hall) - Title: Investigator
All Spores picked up off random mobs, last one picked up off The Lost One Boss
Find a Sample of Virulent Spors
Find a sample of Noxious spores
Find a sample of Infectious Spores
Found a sample of pestilent (Yes this one uses past tense)

Orcs of the Sixteenth Hall (Orc Slayer: 16th Hall)
Tier1: 60 - Title: The Hearty
Tier2: 120 - Wisdom

Dark Delvings

Glow-Worm Slayer (Glow worms in the Dark Delving)
Tier 1: 60 - Title: The Brilliant
Tier 2: 120 - Wisdom

Leaders of the nameless - Tolerance and Title: Doom-Breaker
Kill the void-eater
Kill the doom-speaker
Kill the Gurvand

Nameless-Slayer (Instance: Dark Delvings)
Tier 1: 60 - Title: Slayer of Nameless
Tier 2: 120 - Patience

Runes of the Dark (Instance: Dark Delvings) - Title: Diviner
Find a Sparking runstone
Find a chiseled Runestone
Find a Ancient Runestone
Find a Dim Runestone

Fil Gashan

Arms of the Enemy (Instance: Fil Gashan) - Title: Infiltrator
Find an Orkish Breastplate
Find an Orkish Pauldron
Find an Orkish Mace
Find an Orkish Axe

Blinded by Fire (Troll Slayer: Fil Gashan)
Tier 1: 20 - Title: The Resilient
Tier 2: 40 - fortitude

Eye of the Enemy (Orc Slayer: Fil Gashan)
Tier 1: 80 - Title: Orc Skirmisher
Tier 2: 160 - Empthay

Heart of the Enemy (Instance: Fil Gashan)- Idealism and Title: Morale-Smasher
Defeat Chef Vrarz
Defeat Commander Greb
Defeat General Talug

Strength of the Enemy (Orc Slayer deed: Fil Gashan)
Tier 1: 80 - Title: Fighter
Tier 2: 160 - Justice


Implements of the Forge (Instance: Khazad-dum) - Title: Smith of the Burning Deeps
Find a Khazad-Steel Chain
Find a Khazad-Iron Hammer
Find a Charred Wheel-Battow
Find an Ill-treated Pick-axe

Orcs of the Forge (Orc Slayer deed: Khaza-dum)
Tier 1: 40 - Title: Douser of Flames
Tier 2: 80 - Zeal

Overseers of the forge (Instance: Khazad-dum) - determination and Title: Forge-Breaker
kill Narku
kill Dhaub
Kill Thrug
Kill Krankluk

Slaves to the Forge (Goblin Slayer deed: Khaza-dum)
Tier 1: 40 - Title: Will-Breaker
Tier 2: 80 - Determination


Corpse-Eaters (Boss Slayer Tier 1: Skumfil) - Honesty and Title: grimreaver's bane
kill Bonetooth
kill Old Gnawer
kill Rockjaw
kill Shalebiter
kill Grimreaver

Fallen heroes (Instance: Skumfil) - Title: Seeker of the Fallen
find the filth-covered blade
find the ichor-covered helm
find the pitted longsword (Picked up off the ground)
find the eroded dwarf-shield

Leaders of the Hive (Boss Slayer Tier 2: Skumfil) Idealism and Title: Brumbereth's Bane
Kill Uammaethor
kill Ulugon
kill Nestaduan
kill Grog
kill Grothulun
kill Brumbereth

The Blighted Ones (Spider Slayer: Skumfil)
Tier 1: 60 - Title: Web Shredder
Tier 2: 120 - Mercy

The corpse-Beasts (Kirgrem Slayer: Skumfil)
Tier 1: 40 - Title: Nemesis of the Corpse-Beasts
Tier 2: 80 - Justice

The Horrors with Many Legs (Gredbyg Slayer: Skumfil)
Tier 1: 100 - Title: Shell-Smasher
Tier 2: 200 - Innocence

The Hounds of skumfil (Cave-claws and Deep-claws Slayer)
Tier 1: 60 - Title: Deep-Cleaver
Tier 2: 120 - Loyalty

The Grand Stairs

Beasts of the Broken Stair (Warg slayer deed for Instance: The Grand Stair)
Tier 1: 60 - Title: Foe of the Highpeak
Tier 2: 120 - Empathy

Brutes of the Broken Stair (Trolls slayer deed: The Grand Stair)
Tier 1: 30 - Title: The Steady
Tier 2: 60 - Compassion

Followers of Igash (Orcs slayer deed for Instance: The Grand Stair)
Tier 1: 60 - Title: The Valiant
Tier 2: 120 - Wisdom

Landings of the Grand Stair (Instance: The Grand Stair) - Title: Climber of the Stairs
Cave of the Slumbering Beast - 71.8n, 139.0w
Highpeak Kennels - 71.2n, 137.6w
Gothghash's Stand - 71.9n, 138.6w
Nardur's Station - 71.8n, 137.8w
Throne of Igash - 72.6n, 138.2w

Letters to Igash (Instance: The Grand Stair) - Title: Interceptor
Find Drums and the best
Find the highpeak kennel report
Find please of the loyal
Find the tome of igash

Tamers of the Vile Wargs (Goblins slayer deed: The Grand Stair)

Tier 1: 60 - Title: Foe of the Warg-keepers
Tier 2: 120 - Fidelity

Villians of the Grand Stair (Part 1) - Honesty and Title: The Bold
Defeat Ilzkar the pummler
Defeat Glothrok The Vile
Defeat Forzunk
Defeat GothGhaash The Firecaller

The Forgotten Treasury (Menem-berej)

Defilers of the Forgotten Treasury (Boss Slayer: The Forgotten Treasury)
Tier 1 - Title: Caretaker of the Forgotten Treasury
Kill Nardugul
Kill Fruzgul
Kill Darukurz
Kill Narghug
Kill Mokza
Kill Lorzgul
Tier 2 - Charity and Title: Keeper of the Forgotten Treasury
Kill Morhun
Kill Skum
Kill Urauth

Intruders in the vault (Enemy Slayer: The Forgotten Treasury)
Tier 1: 30 - Title: Custodian of the Forgotten Treasury
Tier 2: 60 - Fidelity

Treasures of the silvertine lodes (Instance: The Forgotten Treasury) - Title: Treasure Hunter
Find a Large Gem
Find a Pile of Gold Coins
Find a Small Treasure (Picked up off ground)
Find an Ancient Vase (Picked up off ground)

Vile Maw

Lost to the Deeps (Raid: Vile Maw) - Title: Peace-Bringer
(Supposedly you can solo this if carefull. All picked up off ground.)
Find the missing dwarf-merchant
Find the missing dwarf-miner
Find the missing dwarf-adventurer
Find the missing dwarf-warrior

The Arms of the Watcher (Raid: Vile Maw)
Tier 1: 40 Watcher arms (Tentacles) - Title: Whip-lash
Tier 2: 80? Watcher arms (Tentacles) - Discipline

The Vile Maw (Raid: Vile Maw) - Charity and Title: Slayer of the Watcher
Drive Back the Watcher at the Black Pool (V2, Bk1)
Drive Back the Watcher in the Flooded Treasury (v2, bk4)
Defeat The watcher In the Water (Vile Maw Raid)


Upper Levels

Adventurer in the Upper Levels: Tier 1: - Do 10 quests
Rewards: Compassion

Defender of the Upper Levels
: Tier 2: - Do 20 quests
Rewards: Innocence
Swift Travel:
To 21rst Hall from Dolvien View
To 1rst Hall from Dolvien view

Hero of the upper levels: Tier 3: - Do 30 quests
Rewards: Charity
Swift Travel:
To 21rst Hall From 1rst Hall
To 1rst Hall from 21rst Hall

Central Levels

Wanderer of the Central Levels: Tier 1: - Do 20 quests
Rewards: Idealism

Stalwart of the Central Levels: Tier 2: - Do 40 quests
Rewards: Innocence
To Dolvien-View from 21rst Hall

Exemplar of the Central Levels: Tier 3: - Do 60 quests
Rewards: Empathy
To Dolvien-View from 1rst Hall

Moria Deeps/Lower

Deep Delver: Tier 1: - Do 20 quests
Rewards: Charity

Warrior of the shadows: Tier 2: - Do 40 quests
Rewards: Empathy

Legend of the Deeps: Tier 3: - Do 60 quests
Rewards: Innocence
Swift travel:
To The Shadowed Refuge From 21rst Hall, and 1rst Hall.
To 1rst Hall from The Shadowed Refuge
To 21rst Hall from The Shadowed Refuge


Deep-Claw Slayer
Tier 1: 120 - Title: Beak-Breaker
Tier 2: 240 - Tolerance

Tier 1: 120 - Title: Drake-Smasher
Tier 2: 240 - Zeal

Tier 1: 120 - Title: Bane of the Infected
Tier 2: 240 - Compassion

Tier 1: 120 - Title: Goblin-Bane
Tier 2: 240 - Justice

Tier 1: 120 - Title: Bug Crusher
Tier 2: 240 - Discipline

Tier 1: 120 - Title: Wing-Breaker
Tier 2: 240 - Innocence

Nameless-Slayer (Moria)
Tier 1: 120 - Title: Vanquisher of Nameless
Tier 2: 240 - Mercy

Tier 1: 120 - Title: Orc-Foe
Tier 2: 240 - Determination

Tier 1: 120 - Title: The Unyielding
Tier 2: 240 - Valour

Tier 1: 80 - Title: Troll-Breaker
Tier 2: 160 - Confidence

Tier 1: 120 - Title: The Fierce
Tier 2: 240 - Fortitude

Tier 1: 120 - Title: Worm-Scourge
Tier 2: 240 - Valour


The Mines of Moria - A Class Legendary
Do books 1 - 6 of volume 2.

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