Eregion Deeds By Alphabet

Eregion Deeds in Alphabetical order
by nikito , Larriel

As you look at the deed information, I have the name first, then the rewards to the right of it. Also, as you can tell the stuff is color coded. I tried to use colors to help with ease of finding. Red is a major category i.e. Explorer, Slayer. Yellow is a sub category, i.e. instance name. Green are titles. Blue are virtues. If you see a ? next to a number, it means that this was not confirmed but only assumed. Also, some deeds I did not get the specific bosses/things to pick-up to finish the deed, only just the rewards and if it's a pick-up/boss slayer.

Tier 1 - 120 - Title: Feather-Duster
Tier 2 - 240 - Loyalty

Dens of the Beasts - Patience
Torech Braignel - 44.0s, 8.9w
Torech Ladnel - 47.1s, 15.2w
Torech Bornagol - 46.4s, 10.4w
The Burnt Tor - 49.1s, 10.5w
Sad Umroval - 48.2s, 12.4w
Torech Andraug - 50.7s, 9.6w
Ulundin - 56.0s, 14.4w

Tier 1 - 120 - Title: Bane of Dunland
Tier 2 - 240 - Honour

Half-Orc Slayer
Tier 1 - 120 - Title: The Just
Tier 2 - 240 - Justice

Invaders of tham mirdain (library) - Title: Savior of the forgotten Archive
Defeat Chieftain Gursh
Defeat Commander Unudhu
Defeat Commander Piztor

Invaders of Tham Mirdain (Ring-Forge) - Title: Forge-Warden
Defeat Strok
Defeat Priestess Graine

Invaders of Tham Mirdain (School) - Title: Defender of the Crumbling School
Defeat Llygad the Blade
Defeat Commander Tarsh
Defeat Chief Warrior

Lizard and Crawler-Slayer
Tier 1 - 120 - Title: Vermin-Bane
Tier 2 - 240 - Determination

Lore of the forgotten library - Title: Librarian
Find the Yellowed Volume (Drops off mob)
Find the Frayed Volume (Drops off mob)
Find the Ancient Volume (Picked up off Ground)
Find the Frail Volume (Picked up off Ground)

Mercenaries of white hand (Dunlending Slayer: Library)
Tier 1: 60 - Title: Diplomate
Tier 2: 120 - Determination

Ring-lore of Eregion - Fidelity and Title: Lore-Seeker
(These are from looting piles plus mobs(Humoniods only), supposedly.)
Worn Pages of Ring-Lore - Picked up off dunlending in Glad Ereg (42.5s, 13.5w)ish
Mouldering Pages of Ring-lore - Picked up off half-orc in Pembar(44.2s, 10.9w)ish
Crumbling Pages of Ring-lore - 44.1s, 11.0w
Fragile Pages of Ring-lore - 47.9s, 13.9w
Brittle Pages of Ring-lore - 52.4s, 16.8w
Delicate pages of Ring-lore - Gwingris, back ruins, 39.6s 16.4w

Ring-lore of Tham Mirdain (Instance Ring-Forge) - Title: Student of Celebrimbor
Find the Torn Manuel of Ring-lore (Drops off Mob)
Find the Aged manuel of Ring-lore (Drops off mob)
Find the Dusty manuel of Ring lore
Find the Rotten Manuel of Ring-lore

Scholars from Angmar (Angmarian Slayer: Ring-forge)
Tier 1: 40 - Title: Patron of Moribel
tier 2: 80? - Discipline

Silent of the restless: Tier 1- Do 10 quests
Rewards: Honesty
Swift Travel:
To Gwingiris from Rivendale, Echad Dunann, Echad Mirobel, and Echad Eregion
To Rivendale from Gwingiris

Silent of the restless (intermediate): Tier 2 - Do 20 quests
Swift Travel:
To Echad Eregion from Rivendale, Echad Dunann, Echad Mirobel, and Gwingiris
To Rivendale from Echad Eregion

Silent of the restless (advanced): Tier 3 - Do 40 quests
To Echad Dunann from Rivendale, Echad Eregion, Echad Mirobel, and Gwingiris
To Rivendale From Echad Dunann

Silent of the restless (final): Tier 4 - Do 60 quests
To Echad Mirobel from Rivendale, Echad Eregion, Echad Dunann, and Gwingiris
To Rivendale from Echad Mirobel

Soldiers of the enemy (Orc Slayer: Library/School/Ring-Forge)
Tier 1: 40 - Title: Defier of Evil
Tier 2: 80 - idealism

Texts of the crumbling school - Title: Tutor
Find The Charred Ledger
Find the Tattered Ledger
Find the Ruined Ledger
Find the Mouldy Ledger

The pale followers (Pale folk slayer: Library/Ring-Forge)
Tier 1: 150 - Title: The Sympathetic
Tier 2: 300 - Justice

The Ring Goes South - Honesty
(No map markers for most)
The Burnt Tor - 9.1s, 10.5w
The Caradhras Campfire - 46.7s, 2.7w
The Sirannon Gate - 50.7s, 7.7w (The Gate into the Walls of Moria)
The High Hollin Campsite - 43.8s, 12.9w
The Tal caradhras Campsite - 45.9s, 8.7w

The Ruins of Eregion - Wisdom
Gwingris - 40.2w, 16.0w
Echad Eregion - 47.0s, 12.5w
Echad Mirobel - 52.3s, 17.0w
Echad Dunann - 50.6s, 7.8w
Pembar - 44.1s, 10.8w
Barad Morlas - 48.1s, 13.7w

Uruk captains of eregion - Determination and Title: Defender of Hollin
Summon and Kill 7 Named:
Logon - At the end of the cave from quest "Leader of the Foul Wood"
Fauldush - Summoned at Pembar (44.1s, 10.7w)
Shatogar - 47.9s, 13.9w
Pizumu the Spy-master - 45.8S, 7.2W (He roams in the area)
Gamshurm Lord - Summoned at Porth Cadlus (53.5s, 9.6w)
Akashpug Chief - Summoned at Tar Stazg (48.3s, 5.4w)
Rakhuga the Tracker - 54.3s, 11.2w summoned from quest "Drawing the Enemy"

Warriors of the enemy (Uruk slayer: Library)
Tier 1: 40 - Title: The daring
Tier 2: 80 - wisdom

Wolf and Warg-Slayer
Tier 1 - 120 - Title: Fang-Breaker
Tier 2 - 240 - Discipline