Class Deeds Moria Lotro

New Class Deeds in Moria
by nikito

This is a list of all the new class deeds. All classes get 8 new traits and 3 additional legendaries. The exception is the Rune-Keeper and Warden who both have all new traits, of course. I did not list what the rewards are because, the reward for each deed is the name of the trait you get for doing the task, unless noted otherwise (like some legendaries). For example, Champions deed "Athletic" will give you the champion class trait "Athletic." There is also a new trait UI in moria. With this UI window you can see ALL traits, regardless of you having the trait, deed found, or not found. Under the UI if its grey it means you don't have the trait. If it has a little gold ring in the top right if the deed has been discovered. Now good news for the Alts. Supposedly most of these new deeds/traits can be acquired before level 50, however I have not confirmed this. Some said as early as level 35.

Now to acquire all the new 3 legendary traits for all classes you can only acquire them from these 3 things:
1. Do deed "The Mines of Moria" which is completing volume 2 books 1-6.
2. Do a level 58 class fellowship quest.
3. Get kindred with moria guards, go to the guards vendor (in 21rst hall) and buy the book.


Even the Odds - use Seize initiative/escape clause x35
Spatial Sense - use Well-placed strike x150
Complicated Terms - have your riddle/confound get resisted x75
Confound the Fools - use confound x200
Cruel Odds - crit with crit chain skills x200
Honed Wit - clever retort x250
Sharp wit, sharp bite - use provoke x750
Strategic Planning - Location is everything x200


Adherent of Elendil - strike with Blade of Elendil x350
Battle Master - strike with devestating blow or pressing attack x300
Composure - use the Time of Need skill x50
Deeds before Words - use the Inspire Skill x1000
Precise Ally - call forth your Archer x100
Relentless Optomism - achieve a critical heal with Words of Courage x100
Tactical Prowess - use the To Arms skill x300
Strength from Within - use the Muster Courage skill x350


Athletic - use sprint x150
Bountiful Mercy - Strike with Merciful Strike x350
Controlled fury - Use Controlled Burn x75
Dirt Cheap - Strike with Fighting Dirty x300
Improved rend - strike with cleave of rend x250
Mighty blast - Strike with sound the attack x500
Tight Grip - Strike with Hedge x200
Vigour of Champions - Use Second Win x750


Blocking Force - Strike with force opening x750
Final Straw - Strike with Fray the Edge x1000
Hit where it hurts - Strike with stagger x1000
Litany of Challenge - Strike with Challenge x350
Quick of Foot - Strike with Stamp x300
Raw Power - Use Overpower x100
Shield of Fire - Strike Enemies with SHield-Taunt x350
Threatening Presence - Strike with Bash x500


Bow and blade - strike foes with your blade x2500
Combat traps - use a trap or snare x100
Critical eye - critical hit with bow 1000
Heart of the bard - strike with heart seeker x50
Resolute aim - strike with needful haste x200
Shot through the heart - strike with heart-seeker x100
strong intimidation - strike with bard's arrow or cry of the predator x300
the quality of mercy - achieve a critical with merciful shot x150


Explosive Force - Use blinding flash x750
Improved sign of power - Use Sign of power x350
Improved sign of wizardry - use wizard's fire x750
Improved Storm-Lore - Use Storm-lore x250
the secret of tar - Use sticky tar x250
the study of fire-lore - fire-lore x350
the study of wind-lore - gust of wind x1000
The Wild and Ward - use sticky gourd x350


Enduring Morale - Use Ballad of Vigour x2000
Flow of Harmony - Recite any tale x150
Improved Cure Fear - Use Cure Fear x250
Improved Herald's Strike - Use Herald's Strike x250
Improved Song of Soothing - Use Song of Soothing x350
Lyrics of Bravery - Use Ballad of Unshakeable Will x1000
Power of Song - Use Song of Restoration x100
Tempo of Bravery - Use Ballad of the Stout x1500


Author of Exaltation - Use Word of Exaltation x500
Closing Remarks - strike with epic conclusion x150
Conflagration of Runes - Strike with Fiery Ridicule x375
Confoundind Principles - Strike with Shockin Touch x125
Frost-burn - strike with Writ of fire or Write of cold x200
Harsh Debate - Strike with Ceaseless Arguement x750
Icy Discourse - Strike with Chilling Rhetoric x500
Linnod of Peace - Use Calming Verse x250
Linnod of Subtlety - Use Calming verse x350
Master of Allusion - Use Any Words of Grace Skills x200
Master of Connotation - Have your battle skills resisted x500
Master of Tragedy - Critical hits with fury of the storm skills x500
Memorable Prose - Use Mending Verse x250
Overflowing Confidence - Use Self-Motication x350
Rune of Endurance - Use Rune of Restoration x125
Scathing Retort - Strike with Smouldering Wrath x200
Tale of Rage - Strike with Wrath of Flame skills x500
Terse Narrative - Use Epic for the Ages x350
The Prophetic Word - Use Visions and Foretellings skills x250
Thunderous Words - Strike with Scribe's Spakr x125
Winter-Storm - Use Fury of the Storm or Chill of Winter Skills x500
Writ of blazing fire - Strike with writ of fire x250

Rune-Keeper Legendaries

Golu O maeth (book legendary) - Reward: Martial Training
Thunder and Flame (Book Legendary) - Reward: You Shall Fall to our wrath
Whispers in the Dark (Book Legendary) - Reward: Steady Hands


Confidence - Strike with Brink of Victory x350
Deadly Insult - Strike with Warden's taunt x250
Deadly Thrust - Strike with the dark before dawn x250
Efficient Shield-work - Strike with Shield up x350
Efficient Thrust - Strike with Quick Thrust x200
Expert Hurler - Strike with javelin Skills x500
Find Weakness - Achieve Critical hits with Critical Strike x75
Force of Personality - Strike with Surety of Death, Resolution, or Spear of Vitue x500
Know your Enemy - Strike with Goad x200
Master of the Fist - Strike with Exultation of Battle x500
Master of the shield - Strike with Shield Mastery, Celebration of skill, or Dance of War x500
Master of the Spear - Strike with Mighty Blow, Wall of Steel, or Boar's Rush x500
Mighty Throw - Strike with ambush x350
Never say die - Strike with SafeGuard x200
Perseverance - Strike with Persevere x500
Sharp Blade, Sharp Wit - Strike with Precise Blow x350
Shield-Trickery - Strike with Shield-bash x250
Skill and power - Strike with Deft Strike x200
Skillful blocking - Block Attacks x500
Strong Voice - Strike with War-cry x500
Terrible Visage - Strike with Fierce Resolve x500
Wary Blocks - Strike with Defensive strike x200

Warden Legendaries

Bullroarer's Boy (Book Legendary) - Defiant Challenge
Chieftains of the Dunedain (Book Legendary) - Grand master weapons Training
The Watch Agaisnt the Night (Book Legendary) - Javelin of Deadly Force