Book 12 New Barter Items

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Book 12 - New Trophy - Taxidermist Barter Item

New trophies in Book 12 are really amazing, and for the first time some of them have visual effects. In this guide we tried to collect all information about bosses and where you can get trophies. You will find some details on this page, but the full information is on every page of the particular trophy. Hope this guide will help you to decorate your house.

What they look like and how to rotate items
New Trophy Book 12

Where to find them?

  • Remmenaeg's Armour - (Small Furniture) - Fornost
  • Arm of Lagmas - (Small Wall) - Uru
  • Ivar's Banner - (Thin Furniture) - GA
  • Naruhel's Dress - (Small Wall) - Red Maiden, GA
  • Head of Bogbereth - (Small Wall) -Spider den in Angmar
  • Sambrog's Helm - (Small Wall) - Great Barrow
  • Mirror of Mordrith -  (Small Furniture) -CD
  • Ferndur's Skull - (Thin Furniture) - Middle Island in IB
  • Skull of Thorog - (Large Yard) - Helegrod
  • Udunion's Swords - (Small Wall) - BG
  • Tentacle of Helchgam - (Large Furniture) - CD
  • Thaurlach's Blade â (Large Yard) - Rift