Head Of Bogbereth Trophy

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Bogbereth is the Poisoned Queen of Himbar, who oversees the spider lair & broodling hatchery of Torech-i-Bogbereth [13.0N, 25.5W], west of Gath Forthnir.
In order to get any reward for defeating Bogbereth, players will need the appropriate quest.

[49] Bogbereth's Brood (must be completed first)
[50] Raid: Bogbereth

Location - Angmar
- 50
Type - Arch-nemesis
Race - Spiders and Insects
Morale - 134,182
Power - 15,984
Drops Item -Head of Bogbereth
(Trophy item Head of Bogbereth can be used at Taxidermist. BOA)
Head of Bogbereth - Small Wall

Head of bogbereth Trophy Screenshot

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