Udunions Swords Trophy

Udunion's Swords Trophy Screenshot



Udúnion is a Rogmul found within Barad Gúlaran. He is the final and most difficult boss of the instance. The entrance is located at Minas Deloth [6.6N, 21.8W] in Nan Gurth located within north-east Angmar.

Location - Angmar
- 52
Type - Nemesis
Race - Ancient Evil
Morale - 69,449
Power - 13,419
Drops Item - Udunion's Swords
(Trophy item Udunion's Swords can be used at Taxidermist. BOA)
Udunion's Swords - Small Wall - Udunion's swords are animated (emitting flames)

Udunion's Swords Trophy Screenshot

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