Tentacle Of Helchgam Trophy

Tentacle of Helchgam Trophy Screenshot



Helchgam is a boss encountered within Carn Dûm in northern Angmar, with the entrance located at approximately [11.1N, 33.8W]. He is the source of the water's corruption.

Location - Angmar - Carn Dûm
- 52
Type - Nemesis
Race - Nameless
Morale - 47,225
Power - 8,946
Drops Item - Tentacle of Helchgam
(Trophy item Tentacle of Helchgam can be used at Taxidermist. BOA)
Tentacle of Helchgam - Large Furniture - Helchgam's tentacles are animated (moving in the barrel)

Tentacle of Helchgam Trophy Screenshot

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