Turbine announced Lotro Character Undelete Paid Service

Yesterday, Turbine announced new service Character Undelete Paid Service that will allow players to "Undelete" a previously deleted character. This service will cost $19.95 per character.

  • Your character will be on the server that it was on prior to being deleted. If you would like to move your character to a different server after the undelete process is complete, you can request a World Character Transfer by submitting a new ticket
  • Your character will be returned to the state that it was in at the time of deletion. All of the inventory and equipped items that were on your character at the time of deletion will be restored with your character. The Character Undelete WILL restore your character with all of its experience, rank and quest progression intact.
  • Vault items WILL be returned.

More information about what will be returned and what will NOT be returned with Character Undelete Service you can find on the official FAQ page.

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