New Lotro Content gating

Upon further review the only area you will need to own the quest pack for is Enedwaith. As long as you have purchased that quest pack (or are a VIP) all of the instances and the raid listed above are unlocked for you.

So instead of needing to purchase 5 quest packs, you need only purchase 1.

The new instances and raid are part of their respective quest packs. If you already own them, or are a subscriber, they are free additional content in those areas.

The areas/instances are as follows:

  • Enedwaith – Ost Dunhoth
  • Forochel – Glacier Fortress
  • Trollshaws – Lost Temple
  • Evendim (Oatbarton) – Northcotton Farm
  • North Downs – Stoneheight

In addition, there is a special instance quest arc "In Their Absence" that is part of the Enedwaith region quest pack.

Obviously, Volume III: Book 3: Echoes of the Dead is free content in line with our policy to keep the Epic Story free for all players.


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