New Lotro Content gating

Upon further review the only area you will need to own the quest pack for is Enedwaith. As long as you have purchased that quest pack (or are a VIP) all of the instances and the raid listed above are unlocked for you.

So instead of needing to purchase 5 quest packs, you need only purchase 1.

The new instances and raid are part of their respective quest packs. If you already own them, or are a subscriber, they are free additional content in those areas.

The areas/instances are as follows:

  • Enedwaith – Ost Dunhoth
  • Forochel – Glacier Fortress
  • Trollshaws – Lost Temple
  • Evendim (Oatbarton) – Northcotton Farm
  • North Downs – Stoneheight

In addition, there is a special instance quest arc "In Their Absence" that is part of the Enedwaith region quest pack.

Obviously, Volume III: Book 3: Echoes of the Dead is free content in line with our policy to keep the Epic Story free for all players.


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3 Responses to New Lotro Content gating

  1. avatar Fredelas says:

    The developers decided to change this and make all the instances/raids a part of the Enedwaith quest pack. This change will be reflected in a future build on Bullroarer.

    This was mentioned 2 posts down from your “source”.

  2. avatar Maryellen D. Warner says:

    Ok so I ve had a chance to digest this a bit with the help of everyone on Twitter and the various blog posts so I think I have my thoughts reasonably gathered on this topic. Up front I wanted to highlight the work Patience 70ms and all the other Turbine community folks are doing on twitter as they ve been all over this responding and clarifying all the various tweets and questions posted..I think the first thing everyone needs to do is relax a little bit and give this time to not only sink in but time for Turbine to release information on the pricing structure as well as the in-game point reward systems. These two will have a massive impact on the effectiveness of this change and will most likely be the focus of the upcoming beta test. If you haven t read up on it there are quite a few posts out there summarizing the change including which has all the official Turbine posts in it as well as the excellent summary from . And of course I m sure I m missing about 50 other blog posts out there but I m sure everyone in my blogroll will have a post up shortly on this topic .With that being said my initial take on this is nothing but positive. Assuming the points are well balanced ok that might be a big assumption everyone wins in this move. Just to clarify I m a lifetime subscriber and have been a part of this game since closed beta. My subscription has long since paid for itself and even better is that now I have the option to use saved up or the Loyalty Reward points for expansion packs such that I can continue in my exact play style without spending another dollar on LOTRO. Now I will admit for those that recently signed up as lifetime members this might be a larger pill to swallow but I do think this will pump some serious life into the game and make that subscription even more valuable. Looking at this another way with all the new micro-transactions coming out 25 sparkle pony one can only imagine that Turbine would ve hopped on this trend as well and now current subscribers can get those items for free..I love the fact that the items they ve mentioned so far storage cosmetics wardrobe and mounts to name a few are all fluff items that won t impact gameplay but also are some of the most annoying aspects of the current game. I m tired of deleting items or selling them because I ve run out of space and I d love to be able to store more then 2 cosmetic sets so these will be great for me. I m sure as we learn more there will be more things available but it will probably be very similar to what is available from the . You can get a feel for the points pricing as well which look pretty reasonable to me. There are some things that I don t agree with but it actually looks like just another alternative to the skirmish points system. The only real questionable item for me in the DDO store would be the Tomes which offer a permanent stat buff otherwise most are temporary and as such are just like in-game food. Now the ultimate would be some way to trade or convert all the barter items we currently have into Turbine points!.There s been some concern about DDO having items available to trivialize the game but my belief is that LOTRO is a different enough game that while those might exist it really won t make much difference. And honestly in some cases I might like something like that to help level up alts quicker and easier. At the end of the day I envision that the only people really upset about making the game easier would be those raiding or out in the Moors. And both of those areas are so heavily dependant on player skill that items most likely wouldn t be able to compensate.