Wednesday, July 11patch, free update plans revealed and other news

Another maintenance day brings another small patch. Here are some of the changes:

- Shouts and cries are back by popular demand! Additionally, new shout and cry sound effects have been added for some races.
- The placeholder sound for blocking, parrying, critical hits, and a few other skill feedback sounds has been replaced with the proper sound effects.

- Captain: Herald Armaments will now increase your Herald's ability to mitigate damage (they were doing the opposite before).
- Captain: Telling Mark will once again enable your Herald to use his skills.
- If you are defeated in the "The Thief-taker's Bane" you will no longer reappear where you were defeated. Instead you will be taken to a nearby defeat circle (rally point? whatever we call these in-game.)

Full patch notes can be read here. Note the underlined text above, seems the devs are under some pressure...

The big news is the info about the next free content update coming to your LotRO client this fall. Gamspy got some exclusive info about Book 10 and you can read the full article here. The most interesting additions are:

- Over 100 new quests, a dozen new monsters and a number of new dungeons.
- New reputation and bartering system that enables players to earn positive and negative standings with various groups in Middle-earth.
- Session play (read our comic about it here)
- Book 10 quests introducing a new villain named Amartheil that the players will attempt to prevent from recovering her own magic ring and steal back a palantir before it falls into the Witch-King's hands.

In other news, Sons of Elrond have been added to the Official site's Characters of Middle Earth section. You can check it out here.

Weathertop Radio has the new episode of their famous LotRO podcast available at . Check it out because they always have some cool things featured in the podcast. Here's their official announcement.

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