The Reputation System on Lotro Forums

During the last few weeks I have noticed a lot of new Lotro players. New players seem to be confused by the official forum's Reputation System and all it involves. Lotro Life to the rescue with this little guide about the official forums' Reputation System.

Starting January, 2010 Lotro forums introduced a Reputation System which allows forum members to give and receive "Reputation" points to each other based on each others' posts. How much Reputation you can give or take depends on how long you've been a member of the forums and how much Reputation you have yourself!  If you want to give Reputation points to the poster, click on the Reputation icon. You'll be asked if you approve or disapprove the post, then click on "Add to Reputation."

Reputation System

You can give positive and negative Reputation but you must have at least 1500 positive Reputation before you can give negative. When you have positive Reputation, it is displayed as green boxes. The boxes are grey if you have disabled Reputation, and red if you have negative Reputation.

Reputation System Boxes

You can toggle whether your Reputation is displayed to other members by going to User CP -> Edit Options and checking or unchecking the Reputation box.

How to Hide Reputation

Based on your Reputation level you'll earn Reputation titles. The Reputation Titles are viewable by hovering your mouse over a user's Reputation boxes. The Reputation titles seem to be attached to rating numbers and the number of squares:

Number of Squares: Title (Rep Range)

  1. The Neutral (1-99)
  2. The Wary (100-199)
  3. The Wary (200-299)
  4. The Wary (300-399)
  5. The Wary (400-599)
  6. The Neophyte (600-699)
  7. The Neophyte (700-899)
  8. The Neophyte / the Bounders-Friend (900-1099)
  9. The Bounders-Friend (1100-1299)
  10. The Bounders-Friend (1300-1499)
  11. Watcher of the Roads / the Undefeated / Indomitable (1500+)

The Community Team, after the initial launch of the Reputation System, has opted out of being able to give or receive Reputation.

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