Lotro Beta Journals

Turbine has started a new feature - Lotro Beta Journals, for all Lotro players who didn't get a chance to participate in the beta. Each week Beta participants can share their thoughts on a given topic with the entire LOTRO Community.

Running a Beta Program can be a tricky thing; everyone who isn't in the beta wants to know what’s going on, but due to NDA restrictions no one in the program can tell them. So how do you let players talk about what they’re seeing, without violating their NDA? The answer is the LOTRO Beta Journal Project! Each week, we’ll ask Beta participants to submit their personal “Beta Journal” on a given topic. We’ll then take a sampling of those responses and post them for the entire LOTRO Community to read.

This week, we’re giving you the initial reactions players reported upon first using the new LOTRO Store:

  • the store itself is broken up into multiple categories to make searching for your specific desired item easier
  • the store sells all kinds of mounts (temporary mounts, regular mounts, Festival Mounts and Reputation Mounts)
  • The store also sells various "power-ups." These can come in many forms, such as temporary or PERMANENT increases to virtues, increased outgoing damage, heal-over-time potions (both morale and power), and Armor buffs.
  • store-bought items are all bound to your account though, so you can't trade them with other players.
  • they also provide education for patrons: you can learn new ways to express yourself (read: emotes), as well as new dances.
  • they run sales and have recommendations as well.
  • you can see the description of the item on the box, but you can’t open it to see the pretties, you can’t try on the clothing or even see it on a model.

[More information on lotro.com]

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