The Lost Ring-lore of Eregion

Amarthiel seeks to reforge Narchuil, the ring of iron she forged long ago under the tutelage of the Dark Lord Sauron. In an effort to stop her, Elrond Halfelven of Rivendell has dispatched heralds throughout Eriador, seeking the last vestiges of the Ring-lore of Eregion. These Heralds have been charged to enlist the help of people of good courage to help in this endeavour, and reward them for their efforts. Once enough fragments of lore have been gathered, Elrond may learn a way to hinder the Champion of Angmar and put an end to Narchuil’s threat once and for all.

For the duration of this event, you will be able to accept a daily quest from any of the Heralds of Rivendell that are found scattered throughout the world. Each time you complete this quest it will help advance the story for your world . . . and you may receive an additional reward as well. These Heralds can be found at the following locations:

Echad Candelleth
Echad Garthadir
Gath Forthnír
Glóin’s Camp
Iorelen’s Camp
Michel Delving
Ost Guruth
Tármunn Súrsa
Thorin’s Hall

Please note that the quest cooldown will reset each day at 3:00AM Eastern (-4 GMT)!

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