Book 14 release date announced

The LOTRO game servers will be brought offline on Tuesday, July 22 from 6:00AM - 12:00PM Eastern (-4 GMT) for the latest free content update, Book 14: The Ring-forges of Eregion!
Visit the LOTRO Lorebook to view the full release notes
. If you'd like to pre-patch your game, please click here for more information!

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4 Responses to Book 14 release date announced

  1. avatar Skypp_BSS says:

    Be sure to get your pics of Misty Mountain Silver. It'll prove you're old school since they are changing the name this patch

  2. avatar Prowlinger says:

    Sure wish they were not changing it… Just seemed fitting to call it Misty Mountain Silver…

  3. avatar Prowlinger says:

    All instances of "Misty Mountain Silver" have been renamed to "Ancient Silver." This includes ore deposits, jewellery items, crafting resources, Jeweller and Prospecting recipes. Ancient Silver can now be found in Forochel, Angmar and Sarnur.

    Well that is a good thing that they are increasing its spawn locations to Forochel, Angmar and Sarnur… it was so hard to find at times!

  4. avatar Prowlinger says:

    Oh yeah one more thing… Summer Festival starts today!

    Let the celebrations begin!