The Harvest Festival Returns

Welcome Autumn with the return of the Fall Festival! Race in the Shire or Bree for the Harvestmath horse, bob for apples, learn racial dances, and more! New for this year is a new questline that rewards you with festival masks you can use year-round. The Festival runs from September 26 and ends on October 12. Have fun!

Brief summary by eldurgae of what you can do this fall:

Shire Festival Activities:
Hobbit dances: Oger Brockhouse (Dance Leader) by The Party Tree
Farming Quest (Completion of 1st half from Summer Festival): Anabel Redfern (Traveling Farmer)
Bob for apples: Sawlo Puddlefoot (Games-master) by The Party Tree
Inn league pub crawl: Ailward Chubb (Inn League Member) by The Party Tree
Trickster quest: Egbert Took (Trickster) by The Party Tree. To complete, visit:

Lobelia Sackville-Baggins is north of The Party Tree at Bag's End, and you /faint for her.
Porto Brownlock, the novice farmer at Superior Pipeweed Farmland -- you /smoke for him.
Ted Samdyman is by the bridge, and you /stretch for him.
Daddy Twofoot is by The Ivy Bush Inn, and you /pick for him.

All-Shire Run (Horse Race): Carl Proudfoot (Race-master) is just north of the Shire Homesteads

Bree Festival Activities:
Man dances: Ada Musgrove (Dance Leader) is at the Bree Festival Grounds
Pick pumpkins: Bess Forester (Games-master) is at the Bree Festival Grounds
Trickster quest: Bryony Elmwood (Trickster) is near the Boar Fountain in Bree. To complete, visit:

Lily Sandheaver (Grocer) is by the West Gate, and you /yawn for her.
Mat Heathertoes is near the Mud Gate, and you /mock him.
Tad Ashmead is in front of Bree Town-Hall, and you /dustoff for her.
Tad Leafcutter (Men of Bree) is by the Bree-Town Hunting Lodge, and you /shiver for him.

The Bree Derby (Horse Race): Sally Threshing (Race-master) is at the Bree Festival Grounds.

Thorin's Hall Festival Activities:
Dwarf dance: Galmi (Dance Leader) is at the Thorin's Hall Tavern
Pick geodes: Dyri (Games-master) is at the Thorin's Hall Tavern.
Trickster quest: Guthlag (Trickster) is near the Thorin's Hall Crier. To complete, visit:

Fathi (Auctioneer) is in the Thorin's Hall Auction area, and you /charge for him.
Adwyn Flame-Eye (Bowyer) is in the central corridor halfway on the West side, and you do /pushups for him.
Dwalin is in the central corridor at the north end, and you /tantrum for him.
Egil Oldbeard is in the south side of the east hall, and you /flex for him.

Duillond Festival Activities::
Elf dance: Nedhrien (Dance Leader) is at the Duillond Festival area
Pick scrolls: Malenfas (Games-master) is at the Duillond Festival area
Trickster quest: Gloreniel (Trickster) is at the Duillond Festival area. To complete, visit:

Nathronwen is above the mailbox near the bowyer, and you /handstand for her.
Lubathred (Notary) is on gazebo overlookign river near mailbox, and you /cower for him.
Fanhir (One-Handed Weaponsmith) is across waterfall from Nathronwen, and you /roar for her.
Barchiril (Duillond Housing Broker) is outside of the Falathorn Homesteads, and you /whippitydo for her.

Notes: The Dances and Horse Races have a repeat cycle of about once every 15 minutes. You can repeat the Games-masters activities once every hour, and the Trickster quests are only repeatable about once every 8 hours. Games-master tasks are done by just using the item near them (Apple Tub, Pumpkin Patch, Chest of Geodes, Scroll Chest), and then bartering the resulting item to the Games-master for tokens (or a festival mask).

You should also read very interesting guide Guide to Fall Festival Events and Bartering by Tony - MMeOw

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