Fall Festival Bugs

We would like to thank aethelberht for collecting all known/suspected bugs related to the 2008 Fall Festival.

Festival started without any notice; forum notice only appeared nearly a day after the festival actually started

Troves and Trickery

  1. Numerous locations -- If an NPC task-giver also has other quests for you, you won't see the Troves quest ring & won't even be able to see the quest until accepting the non-festival ones.
  2. ??? [need specifics on which one(s) -- Sometimes quest gets stuck and doesn't reset, just keeps showing a several-hour cooldown day after day
  3. Various* -- When some NPCs say "XXXXX enjoys your trick," sometimes the NPC name is wrong (e.g., the bowyer in Thorin's Hall)
  4. Hobbiton -- The quest dialogue says to search all over the Shire, when it should just be all over Hobbiton.
  5. Hobbiton -- The quest dialogue still describes putting on a mask to play, even though that feature was removed.


  1. All locations -- If you try to win the barter prize (geode, apple, whatever) and your bags are full, it will automatically give you the 1-hr cooldown and not give the reward
  2. Thorin's Hall Geode Barterer -- Has a "Browse the Shop" link but no goods. ("Barter" works but not "Browse the Shop")
  3. Hobbiton Apple Barterer -- Has a "Browse the Shop" link but no goods. ("Barter" works but not "Browse the Shop")
  4. Inn League Rep Barterer -- Still needs summer tokens for a dance scroll, won't accept fall tokens.
  5. Horse Trader at Bree Party Field -- Wants 12 Fall Festival tokens for the same horse that Cam Applewood at the Horsefields farm only wants 6 for.


  1. Masks -- Though dyeable in the dressing room screen, they cannot actually be dyed.
  2. Festival Banner House Decorations -- Though the text says "A banner to display festival events," the banner doesn't seem to have updated from Summer to Fall/Harvest.

* Specifics of wrong names for task-givers:
-- THORIN'S HALL - Adwyn Flame-Eye in Thorin's Hall is changed to "Torri" when responding to your trick.
-- HOBBITON - Lobelia's name is misspelled "Lobellia" when she responds to your trick.
-- HOBBITON - Porto Brownlock is only called "Novice Farmhand" when he responds to your trick.
-- BREE - Lily Sandheaver shows up as "Lily Heathertoes" when she laughs at your trick.

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