The church of gaming … and other weekend news

Tim from did it again. He started this crazy storyline in his world famous comic where his main character is starting a new religion - gaming religion ... The funny thing is that in this comic here - he mentions he opened a site called to spread the word about his new religion... Guess what - he actually opened up that domain and put a few pages from the "book of gaming" on it. continues its "epic" storyline that has been going on for I don't know how long. The thing about this particular page is the art - they did that droid soooo well. Check out the latest comic here and if you have the nerves and nothing better to do you can start from the beginning of the storyline - warning, absurdity to the max - but I think they're pretty smart - in their own twisted way.

Here's some random image from the internet for your Sunday reading pleasure.

Last thing for this weekend. Warning - never ever in the million years try this - you have to be out of this world to be able to do stuff these kids do.

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