New playable class in LOTRO – a chicken!

In the next content update Turbine is planning on introducing something called Session play. You get to play a disposable character that will not be like your Freep or your Monster Play Character - you don't get to keep the Session Play character. The thing is - the new characters available in Session Play will be a Ranger, Troll and ... a chicken. Check the screenshot below and you will know what I mean

Session Play Sneak Peek!

The official press release follows:
"Take a brief sneak peek into our next content update and learn more about a new feature called Session Play! We’re egg-static to present this sneak peek to you and we hope you enjoy it!"

Full article can be located here.

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One Response to New playable class in LOTRO – a chicken!

  1. avatar Azimov says:

    Certainly an unexpected move by Turbine.
    Sounds like it might be fun though 😀