Spring Festival Guide

Players should visit the festival grounds for some spring-themed celebration.  The most wanted item this spring is the Inn League Keg. We made this guide with detailed instructions on how to get the Inn League Keg, and to find out what other quests you can expect during this festival. There are some tips and tricks and where this keg can teleport you. We hope you will find this guide useful.
Spring festival - How to get Inn League Keg

Another guide is about Gift Boxes and very interesting items you could get.
Spring festival - How to get Gift Box

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One Response to Spring Festival Guide

  1. avatar Prowlinger says:

    Great guides… They help explain alot. With this being many peoples first festival (me included)… Could someone also make a guide to what ever else there is to do during the festival? Such as the race dance locations and if there are other things? Thanks! :)